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How to Recover Lost Data from Western Digital Hard Drive

Apr 10, 2014 15:27 pm / Posted by Linda to Data Recovery Topic
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We often use Western Digital hard drive to save documents for reading or editing later. But when we re-open this file sometimes, we find that it needs to be formatted by computer shown as a pop-up window. How to access and recover the file becomes key points for most users as they worry a lot when they notice that the file has been deleted occasionally and there is no file in the recycle bin even. Although it seems not easy to learn the recovery procedure, losing data from hard drive can be recovered partially or completely if you use proper software named Vibosoft Data Recovery Master. The reason we recommend this software is because of excellent functions and simple operations. Here we focus on its simple operation procedures. As long as users appoint to storage media supposed to be survived, program can automatically scan to search lost file in partitions. In this way, users can get back most of the data they lost.

Users may suspect the principle for the recovery which we have to indicate briefly. For most of lost files, although the data in hard drive physical space have not been deleted, with the help of Vibosoft Data Recovery Master, it is possible for users to retrieve them. As we said before, once the data have been deleted, the physical space turns into "free", in order not to cover the free space, users should not access any data on it. By the way, please pay attention that if some confidential data must be deleted, the physical space should be checked up and then ensure the data cannot be recovered completely. But the side effect of this is that working life of a hard drive may be shortened.

Now you can click the download button to download the free trial version and have a try by yourself.

Data Recovery Master

Data Recovery Master is an easy-to-use data recovery tool to help recover data from from deleted, corrupted, formatted portions and crashed drives.

How to Restore Lost Data from Western Digital Hard Drive on Computer/PC

1Run this Recovery Program on Computer

Double click to open this program on your computer, soon you can see a menu as shown. This program provides you with four recovery modes: Deleted Recovery, Partition Recovery, Format Recovery and RAW Recovery, you should choose one and then touch the "Next" button.

choose recovery mode

Before scanning your Western Digital hard drive, you should mark the specific partition where you saved your files before losing them. Then click "Scan" to scan the whole drive.

main interface

2Selectively Recover Lost Data

After scanning for a few minutes, the whole lost files of your Western Digital hard drive will be displayed on the menu. Now you can pick out your needed files and press the "Recover" button to retrieve them. By the way, if you need to restore the whole lost folder, you can click "Select All" or mark the targeted folder.

preview before recovery

Words in the End:

During recovering most of lost files, this program only change the first characters in DIR partition into E5 and then zero cleaning in clusters which occupied by the files in the file allocation table. It means the files have been deleted. In fact, there are no any changes for data in the program. Only with high-level formatting, FAT can be changed but data cannot be deleted. When this program access partitions, although MBR and OBR have been changed, data also keep same.

The software makes use of data specifications to recover lost data even with few segments left in partitions. The point we need to remind that if users have a good habit in cleaning up drive disc time by time, the data on the hard drive would be continuously data. In this case, even MRB/FAT/DIR are damaged seriously. This Vibosoft Data Recovery Master is able to recover them totally as long as the initial place of data of saving can be found.

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