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Easy Way to Recover Deleted FAT Files on Computer/PC

Apr 10, 2014 09:45 am / Posted by Linda to Data Recovery Topic
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Due to improper manual operation or accidentally format, data loss has become a common situation in our daily life. FAV drive consists of four parts of clusters in different size which contains FAT12, 16,32 and virtual partitions tables. In order to recover FAT file, there are some key points for users to pay attention to as follows.

First of all, damaged hard drive may cause FAT files totally failed if there is no software to help FAT file to recover. Running recovery software as early as possible is benefit for trying to recover the data that have been lost. Seldom users know well about this issue.

While, in addition to trying a professional recovery program, there is another way to recover data by connecting the damaged hard drive to another computer. Sometimes, the damaged hard drive may not perform well when it connects to the one that it has been put in normal status. Users can go for "control panel" and search "management tool". In "computer management", user can try to click connecting. From this section, the damaged data FAT can be analyzed and possibly recovered. But the thing is that it only works well in certain situations.

At the same time, users are unable to have professional technician help in Vibosoft FAT Data Recovery. Moreover, most of time, there is no need for users to connect to another computer to do recovery procedure. It refers another issue of backing up external data information. For most users, once the collapse happened, how long and how to recover data are the big problems for users to consider.

Anyway, with powerful scanning function and excellent revival program, this program supports FAT partitions, Windows series system and double hard drives. The specifications for this software are to search lost data in partition table, Super Block and Index Block and repair them well. During recovery processing, users need to check in the menu and select save or use the shortcut key Ctrl+S. Now you can download the free trial version to try this professional recovery software on your computer.

Data Recovery Master

Data Recovery Master is an easy-to-use data recovery tool to help recover data from from deleted, corrupted, formatted portions and crashed drives.

Guide: How to Restore Deleted FAT Files on Computer/PC

1Download, Install and Operate this Program on PC

After downloading and installing this program on your computer according to instruction, you can double click to open it. Then you can get a menu as shown. This program will provide you with four recovery modes to meet different requirements: Deleted Recovery, Partition Recovery, Format Recovery and RAW Recovery. Now you should select "RAW Recovery", which is to help restore files from damaged file system, like FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, etc. Then touch the "Next" button to continue.

choose recovery mode

Now you need to choose the partition where you store your files, and then press "Scan".

main interface

2Preview, Recover Deleted FAT Files as Needed

The scanning process will last for a while depending on how much data you have saved on your driver or card. And after the process is finished, the whole lost files will be displayed on the main interface. Now you can select your needed files and click "Recover", soon you can get all deleted FAT files back within minutes.

preview before recovery

Words in the End:

It is really outstanding software of data recovery based on WINNT system. Not only it is able to support SCSI, RAID and long files name, but also recover some software with the encryption FAT files. As long as the main data area has not been destroyed, whatever partition table has been left or how seriously hard drive has been damaged, this program can recover almost all FAT files. Even if some files also have been damaged partially, the rest can be survived by this program to a large extent. Regarding the scanning speed, it is considered by most users. Before this software was released to the public, it contained in ERD system. At the moment, some scientists have done many experiments on its scanning speed and find that it can run really fast in operation. In addition to some other wonderful function, this Vibosoft FAT Data Recovery is getting more and more popular in computer users both in China and oversea.

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