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Convert Scanned PDF Files to Other Format on Mac/Windows

Oct. 11, 2013 18:45 pm / Posted by Amy to PDF Topics
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Several months ago, my friend encountered an incident that needed to convert PDF on Mac. She had a plenty of PDF files that she wanted to upload to facebook or at least could insert to word, but she did it in vain, so she sought for help from anyone she could contact. PDF is a very popular, but what is known to us all is that PDF is a static document. Just imagine that you have got many picture albums or cartoon eBooks on Mac and they are all in PDF format, then you may hope these PDF files can come alive. PDF is an open standard for document exchange and storage, but not suit to insert to web, ppt and word document ect, so we on and off need to convert PDF files to word, txt, jpg and so on which are the right formats for the devices.

Better Tools Make for Good Work - Vibosoft PDF Tool

When it comes to PDF, the traditional thought may flash in our mind. For instance, the PDF take advantage of the industry standard compression algorithm and is usually smaller than a PostScript file. For this reason, they’re always easy to be transported and stored. What is more, they can also be dealt with individually each page, and is especially suitable for multiprocessor systems work. But, what we should keep in mind is that sometimes PDF doesn’t suit for every situation for usage. PDF is not convenient to secondary typesetting, cannot be directly edited, and is only suitable for some of the relatively formal documents. So, for any sake and under many circumstances, we have to convert PDF to other formats for our convenience.

On balance, we have to manage to convert PDF file on Mac to meet our frequent demands, therefore, Vibosoft Studio released powerful Vibosoft PDF Converter Master program (PDF Converter for Mac ), which can convert Adobe scanned PDF files to any format you like and need. You can rest ease that you are allowed to import. Insert, upload PDF files as the certain format. It fully supports batch convert, fast speed, retaining original page layout of PDF without the Adobe acrobat or reader support. As a full-featured PDF tool, it enables us to convert random pages among the PDF files. Following its friendly-user interface, you can convert PDF file with a few clicks. Super conversion speed and lossless output quality definitely can satisfy your entire requirement.

PDF Converter Master

PDF Converter Master program is designed to help users effortlessly convert PDF files to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Image, Text, HTML, ePub, or more documents of various formats.

3 Steps to Convert Adobe PDF Files to Target Format on (Mac and Windows)

For Windows User: Run the Program on Windows 7/8/XP

With Vibosoft PDF Converter Master software, you get the most accurate conversion available without having to install extra software. After many updates, it has 100% Compatibility With all windows system including Windows 7,8,Xp. The UI looks clean and self-evident, and it introduces some nice UI innovations for multitasking that a lot of Windows users will appreciate. it runs independently and does not require any additional softwares to be installed. Effortlessly convert thousands of PDFs and preserve the original formatting of PDFs: tables, images, font, columns, rows. Learn more >>>

Vibosoft PDF converter master screenshot

Note: Two Conversions Available

Batch conversion and Partial conversion: this program also provides you with flexible partial conversion that you can flexibly convert selected pages or page ranges of the PDF by inputting the page number or page range.

For Mac Users: Run the Program on Mac System

For Mac User: Run the Mac Version

For Mac users, This program is also designed specifically for Mac operating systems, It fully compatible with all Mac version, like: Mac OS X 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6 ,etc. The new version of this program extends on Vibosoft’s leadership in delivering better PDF for Business, providing users with an intelligent, yet simple-to-use, solution for converting, editing, assembling and sharing files. The layout of the resulting file will be closer to the original. Learn more >>>

Add files into the program

Note: Two Conversion Available

Batch conversion and Partial conversion: In additional to the efficient batch conversion mode, this program also provides you with the smart partial conversion that you can flexibly convert selected pages or page ranges of the PDF by inputting the page number or page range.

Write in the End

Vibosoft Studio has created an industry-standard, complete PDF solution for creating, converting, sharing and even editing PDFs. The product is ideal for students, the home office and for businesses of all sizes that need to edit and securely share PDF documents. This program delivers the rich PDF features for both windows and Mac users and unique productivity features, at a fraction the cost of the $449 Adobe® Acrobat, don't waste your money and valuable time on Adobe Acrobat with complex layouts. Vibosoft PDF Converter Master ( Mac Version and Windows Version ) , complete with the most accurate conversion with text, columns, tables, and graphics retained.

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