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How to Convert PDF Files to Editable Text (Windows/Mac)

Sep. 17, 2013 19:27 pm / Posted by Amy to PDF Topics
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Were you a visual novel amateur, you shouldn’t unfamiliar with text. Text is a kind of formats attached to Microsoft operating system, and it’s at the same time the one of the most common file format. We may hear much more often about txt than text. In fact, it’s the same. TXT is the suffix for text. As early as in the DOS times, text had had widely applications for many times. The function of text is to mainly store text messages, which is also called for text.

What's the PDF and TEXT Format?

At the same time, TEXT format now has featured in the ebook area. It can be used in the traditional PC. Besides, it’s available in mobile phones, PSP, MP3, MP4 and other equipment. Now many popular mobile devices currently can support reading format. Now most of doc readers are not that cheap, once encountered some favorite sentences in the doc file, you can copy and paste them to text document for your further reading. Maybe we would have some doubts about this—why is it so popular? Well, because Microsoft notepad software is a must for Windows, TXT format come down as the most common formats. For this reason, the mobile devices provide the most basic TXT format. As another file format, PDF has a wide range in application as well. The biggest difference between TXT and PDF lies in the point where PDF can’t edit directly but txt does. In addition, PDF allows users to read while txt enables us to modify and upload except that.

In General, TEXT Format has the Following Advantages:

- TEXT has a respectively small volume and is convenient to store.

- The TEXT format is simpler than other formats, so it’s less likely to get poisoned.

- TEXT format is a common format in computers and many mobile devices.

How can I Convert Adobe PDF Document to Editable TEXT Format

For many reasons, there’re always some unavoidable situations that we need to convert PDF to txt. If we want to convert PDF to editable text for further editing but do not know how to cope with it, I’m going to tell you how to do this in Mac OS X or Windows effortlessly and quickly. I am pretty sure you're going to figure out how to achieve your goal without a hitch.

A PDF tool is needed if you do not want to copy and paste the PDF content manually. To make it easy to convert PDF to editable text, you have to make sure the PDF tool you're going to use is a good one. To save time and effort, I'd like to recommend you a comprehensive tool: Vibosoft PDF Converter Master for windows, (PDF Converter for Mac) it gives scope for us to save PDF files as text without losing original quality. Under the influence of it, we’re permitted to convert a single PDF file or a bunch of ones to text at no allowance.

PDF Converter Master

PDF Converter Master program is designed to help users effortlessly convert PDF files to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Image, Text, HTML, ePub, or more documents of various formats.

For Windows Users: Run the Program on Windows 7/8/XP

For Windows users, this program can be perfectly compatible with various Windows system: windows 7/8/XP, it is a independent app and doesn't require Adobe Acrobat or any other PDF plugins to be installed. Convert hundreds of PDF files at a time with just a few mouse clicks. Support drag and drop files and batch conversion.

Vibosoft PDF converter master screenshot

Note: Allows partial document conversion, specify the pages or page range for conversion.

For Mac Users: Run the Program on Mac OS X

Vibosoft Studio released Mac version for Mac users, Availability in all Mac OS like: Mac OS X 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 10.6. It is a utility program designed to extract text from PDF files so that it can be used in other applications, it can fully preserve the layout and graphics of the original PDF documents.

Add files into the program

Write in the End

Although PDF Document is a highly dynamic and robust format, there are times when the advanced features of the PDF are unnecessary. Sometimes, all you need is plain text, Vibosoft PDF tool is specially designed to get text from Adobe PDF document, and now Mac Version and Window Version are available.

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