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Possible Ways to Deal with A Locked iPhone!

Nov 18, 2015 09:13 am / Posted by Fitch to iOS Topics
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The situation mentioned as follows might be familiar to you: Plan to use your iPhone, only to find you forgot your iPhone password and get it locked? Well, you may have experienced such embarrassing situation for yourself, or you possibly heard such cases from your friends or families. Lucky for those who have no such experiences! But for those who unfortunately have locked their iPhone devices, here comes the best solution. This passage will tell you possible ways to unlock your iPhone.

Solution 1: Reset Your iPhone Password

Step 1. Go to iForgot, which is a website specially designed for those who have forgotten their iOS device password. Then you may see the below interface. Enter your ID, which refers to your email address that you have signed up with. After that, click the "Next" option to continue. If unfortunately you can't remember your ID address either, you can click the option of "Forget your Apple ID" and follow the corresponding instructions.

Step 2. After finishing step 1, you will see the below interface. The verifying e-mail will be sent to your email. Then you need to enter your e-mail to confirm the notice.

Step 3. After verifying the e-mail, you can reset your new password for your iPhone on the main interface.Then click the "Reset Password" option to finish the process. Now, your iPhone is unlocked!

(Tips Here: To eliminate the possibility that you may forget your password in the future, you are suggested to set a password which is easy to remember yet secure enough! )

Solution 2: Make Use of iTunes

(Note: If you have not synced iPhone to the computer before, I'm afraid this method won't be suitable for you! If you have, just follow the below steps!)

Firstly, connect your iPhone to the primary computer - the computer that you have synced your iPhone with. Then, open the downloaded iTunes on the computer. Following that, iTunes will automatically detect your iPhone and connect it to the computer. Now, you can begin to make a backup of your important files in case that you may suffer from data losses by accident.

Secondly, now you can begin to restore your iPhone by following the corresponding steps. Since you have backed up important files from your iPhone to the iTunes, there is no need to worry that this process may delete some of your important files.

Thirdly, while restoring your iPhone, you may see the "Set Up" screen, then tap on the option of  "Restore from iTunes backup". Finally, just wait for the process to be finished.

Finally, once your device has reloaded the backup, you will be able to access your device again. Then you are free to use your iPhone again. Moreover, you can still set a new password for your iPhone in case of privacy leak. But make sure the password is easy-to-remember yet reliable enough to protect your iPhone.

The two solutions mentioned in the above are worth for your trying. But the worst situation may be that: you forget your iPhone password, have not synced your iPhone to computer or iTunes. In this case, you have no choice but put your iPhone into recovery mode, which will erase all your files on your iPhone. As to how to do it, you need to connect your iPhone to the computer and then open the iTunes on the computer. After that, press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time and keep holding until you see the recovery mode screen. Then click the option of "Restore" to enter the next interface. Finally, just wait for the process to be finished. After a while, you will get your iPhone unlocked.

Bonus: If iPhone is stuck in recovery mode, what should I do?

Write in The End:

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