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How Can I Authorize Computer in iTunes?

Nov 03, 2015 15:10 pm / Posted by Fitch to iOS Topics
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Want to listen to your iTunes library on other computers? Want to use some interesting applications downloaded from iTunes library on other computers? Just authorize your computer in iTunes. Authorizing computer on your iTunes means giving computer the free access to applications, movies, music, books and other files even the personal data stored in your iTunes. Each iTunes account can authorize up to five computer, which means you can share files between your iTunes with 5 different computers. Now, let's see how to do it!

How Can I Authorize Computer in iTunes?

Step 1. Make sure you have downloaded the iTunes on your computer. Then open the installed iTunes on your computer with double clicks.

Step 2. Hold down the Control and B keys on your keyboard to turn on the iTunes menu bar. Then choose Store > Authorize This Computer.

(Tips: For Mac users, just choose Store > Authorize This Computer from the menu bar at the top of your computer screen.)

Step 3. Finally just enter the next interface by logging your Apple ID account, then click the "Authorize" option to finish the authorization of your computer in iTunes.

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How Can I Know the Number of Authorized Computers?

Step 1. Open the iTunes on your computer firstly, then sign in your Apple ID account like you did in the step 3 on authorizing your computer in iTunes.

Step 2. Select your name on the top window to see more detailed information. You will see the below interface. Then just choose the "Account Info" option to continue.

Step 3. Enter the password again and you will see the Account Information screen then like the below picture. In this interface, you can clearly know the number of your authorized computers. Moreover, if you want to deauthorize all computer in iTunes, just click the option on the bottom.

Till now, you have successfully authorized your computer in iTunes. There is no need for you to authorize your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch since your iOS devices don't use your available authorizations!

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