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Where are iPhone, iPad and iPod Backup Stored?

Sep. 15, 2012 17:27 pm / Posted by Fitch to iOS Topics
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Nowadays, as the development of technology, almost everyone in the world uses many electronic products, such as computer, mobile phone, camera, MP5. Electronic products exist everywhere around us. On one hand, they bring us much convenience and colorful lives. On the other hand, some troubles come from them. People’s privacy becomes easy to be exposed. Most of us, especially celebrities and superstars, are trying their best to protect their privacy from being exposed, because some of their privacy will bring them bad effects, which, to great extent, will do harm to them. If they can erase their data leaving on their electronic products, many unnecessary troubles and bad effects could be avoided, and their lives will be much easier.

Know about How does iPhone Store Data

Many iOS users may not know that iOS devices use flash memory for storage but do not have a removable ssd like you would find in a computer or laptop, it has the NAND flash soldered directly to their microscopic logic boards. NAND flash memory reads faster than it writes, and as a result, the manufacturer typically advertises the faster read speed. NAND is the flash memory used in solid-state drives that read and write data sequentially.

Thus, considering mobile phone becomes more popular among people, especially iPhone, which is more and more popular in recent years. Most celebrities and superstars are preferring iPhone. Therefore, now I would like to teach you how to erase iPhone data in the below.

Backup Your iPhone Data before Erasing

Firstly, you should save data before erasing them. Important data on your iPhone will be automatically saved by iCloud. Meanwhile, you also can backup data through manual methods. There are two methods for you to erase the data on the iPhone.

1) Backup iPhone by iCloud

The first method is backing up data by iCloud. You should make sure there is real connection between your iPhone and Wi-Fi, and then open the setting option to navigate to storage and backup. In this way, according the time you backup iCloud, you can immediately backup data on your iPhone. It should be noted that a few minutes would be spent in the last step.

2) Backup iPhone by iTunes

The second method is backuping data by iTunes. First, you need to connect your iPhone with computer, and then open iTunes option and navigate it to “device” on the left panel. At last, you only need to choose “backup” by right clicking. Through this method, what should be noted is that if you have bought items on iPhone, but you forget to transfer them to the computer, it is a little trouble for you. However, do not worry. There is always method for you to save it. You can choose “transferring purchasing items” by right clicking. Then you could backup the purchasing contents to computer.

Erase Your iPhone Data

Secondly, what you need to do is erasing the data and settings on your iPhone. What should be warned is that you should make sure your iPhone is fully charged or charging when you make the next operation.

First, you need to open “setting” option and navigate it to “common” selection, and then slide to the bottom and click “restore”. When you click “erasing all contents and settings” button in the next step, the iPhone system will prompt you for your password if you have set a password before. After you entering your password, the system will confirm it with you. At this time, you just need to click “erasing iPhone”. All of things will be OK after you doing that. During this period, the iPhone screen will show iPhone logo and progress bar. Because of the different iPhone versions and different data volume, the whole process needs a few minutes, even a few hours.

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