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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone 4/4S/5 to iPad 2/3

Sep 19, 2013 18:22 pm / Posted by Fitch to iOS Topics
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A friend of mine is a faithful Apple fan. He once said his biggest interest was using Apple’s products. So when the iPhone 4 was released, he bought an iPhone4, when it’s time for panic purchasing for iPhone5, he immediately become a snapper-up, so as the case with ipad series. People among his social circle often take the matter to make fun of him. But he always responds to us by the same answer: I’m determined to make myself an Apple product collector. When he bought his new iPhones, his most amusement is to take photos for his family members, friends, beautiful flowers and plants in his surroundings. High-quality pixels and image device make the photos vivid and true to life. But there was one shortcoming in viewing those memorable pictures for him: the screen of the mobile was not big enough to give him a full aspect of enjoyment and appreciation. To settle the problem, he decided to transfer all his photos in iPhone4 to his iPad2. It was really a big project because the pictures in the mobile had an accumulation of two thousand!

How can I Copy Pictures between iPhone and iPad?

Maybe you would have some doubts about the situation above. Is it really of any possibility to make it? Nothing is impossible if you put your heart into it. This wise saying can always succeed in awakening our hope when we are in desperate despair. Many users choose to transfer pictures from their iPhone to their iPad because they deem that ipad has a good color display, which offers the best look of your favorite photos whenever you like. Or sometimes they need to share the photos on their iPhone mobiles with others owing ipad for mutual enjoyment. In this case, it’s also necessary to have photos transferred between iPhone and iPad.

You can take the hand of a PC as a medium. A PC is inevitable to manage it. What if you have no access to neither network nor PC? It’s still unnecessary to become anxious. Vibosoft iPhone/iPad/iPod to Computer Transfer will reassure you to implement your orders effortlessly. No network condition, no PC as the medium, this program is a potent tool to have your photos transferred from iPhone to iPad no matter how large the capacity of the whole photos is. A few minutes is enough, sit down and treat yourself a nice drink, the task would be done when you check it again.

iPhone/iPad/iPod Backup Extractor

This software enables you to restore lost data from iPhone/iPad/iPod backup files on iTunes without any loss.

3 Steps: How to Transfer Photos from iPhone Device to iPad

1Connect Your iPhone Device to Computer and Run the Program

First, connect your iPad device to computer using the data cable, then run the program, it will recognize it automatically and display its detailed information on the right interface, including: Music, Movie, Playlists, Photos, TV shows, Voice Memos and more... .

Note: This tutorial takes Windows as an example, if you're Mac user, try: iPhone/iPad/iPod Transfer for Mac.

First step, install the program

2Select the Songs You Want and Start to Export

At this step, all the files that stored in iPhone will be displayed with details (Time, Artist, Album, Name and more...) You can export your music files through the check box, or export entire music files by clicking "Music" item at the left, then start to export songs to your computer by clicking the "Export" button.

select the files you want

3Sync Music from Computer to Your iPad with iTunes

When the songs exported to your computer hard drive, just drag them into the iTunes program, it will automatically sync toy our iPad quickly.

sync photos

Write in the End:

Most of people will choose the iCloud and email for this process; it requires that you should be in a network environment. Once my friend I mentioned in the beginning tried to transfer photos by means of icloud. Via icloud, you are able to make the idea come true provided you have the same account in the iPhone and iPad and you should also guarantee that the two devices are in the same wireless network condition. It is also feasible to have it done by send email from iPhone to iPad, but that is really a time consuming and error prone if you have a large number of pictures.

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