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Let Me Help Track and Find Your Lost iPhone!

Nov. 11. 2015 14:00 pm / Posted by Fitch to iOS Topics
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Have you ever experienced such embarrassing situations? When you want to use your iPhone for some particular use, you just realized that you have left your iPhone in somewhere else that you can't even remembered. Maybe in the cafe restaurant where you buy the delicious breakfast? Maybe in the newspaper stall where you buy a magazine? Maybe you just left your iPhone at home? Or maybe unfortunately your iPhone gets lost when you are taking the bus? Well, in this case, you must be extremely clueless about where to find your iPhone? Take it easy! This passage will offer you some useful tips to help track and find your lost iPhone. That iPhone's not in your hands doesn't mean you can't get it back after all. Whether your phone was just lost or has been stolen, these apps and tips can help you recover it and save yourself from having to buy a new phone.

Tip 1. Using Find My iPhone app

This app allows iPhone users to locate their iPhone and find their iPhone easily and quickly. With this application, you can also remotely lock the phone and set a passcode on it, or even remotely delete its data. That's also the biggest shining points of this application. This application is totally free and easy-to-use for all iOS device users. You just need to sign in iCloud.com and use this application, then lock your iPhone by entering a password After that, send your iPhone a message with a contact number. Then whoever finds your iPhone will call you from the lock screen.

Later, the Lost Mode will be enabled on your iPhone and you can easily track your iPhone in a map. And you can know whether your iPhone was lost or stolen. Then you can take prompt measures to guard against further losses.

By the way, if you can't get back your stolen iPhone, you can use the features of Remote Erase and Activation Lock to ensure the safety of your important files on your iPhone. However, if you remotely erase your files from iPhone, they will be gone permanently. But you can easily and safely recover deleted files from iPhone backup. This is based on the presumption that you have backed up files from iPhone to iTunes or to computer.

Tip 2. Using Mobile Spy

This software is fully compatible with iPhones, BlackBerrys, Android phones, and Windows Mobile phones. It can track your lost mobile phones by viewing a map of logged locations. And this application can work where GPS signal is available. Moreover, this software is also a powerful monitoring software, with which you can easily monitor your children and employees if you are worrying that they may abuse internet privileges. But, this application is not offered free of charge for all mobile users. Subscriptions cost up to US$99.97 a year.

Tip 3. Using iHound

This software is offered for all iPhone users, which not only helps locate iPhones that have been lost or stolen, but it also lets you track the location of kids, spouses, etc. via their iPhones. Moreover, whenever this iPhone is connected to another foreign computer, you will be alerted with this software. One thing should be noted is that this the operation of this software is based on the GPS services. As to the steps, you just need to sign up for a free account at iHound. Then log into the iHound and add your iPhone to track. After that, download and open the iHound software to recognize your iPhone.

Words in The End:

The three applications mentioned in the above are useful in helping you finding and tracking your iPhone. But when your iPhone is lost, you have to get the worst preparations: you will lose your iPhone once and for all. I do believe at this moment, more people care about the files stored in the device than the iPhone itself, since their personal information may possibly lose permanently. Now you can remote erase these files and rely on Vibosoft iPhone Recovery to recover the deleted files from iPhone backup.



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