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How to Clear Junk Files on iPhone?

Apr. 22, 2015 13:44 pm / Posted by Fitch to iOS Topics
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When it comes to the decline of a smooth user experience for iPhone owners, there is no bigger culprit than junk files which have amassed for a long period of time. You see, as the multi-functionality of our devices increases, whether it be downloading apps, browsing the internet, or even chatting, the system's creation and storage space collects an endless amount of unwanted and sometimes even harmful files. The effect of these files leads to a laggy experience, sometimes even continuous system crashes. Even if this is not the case with your device, clearing junk files is a great solution to free up a lot of space that could be better used elsewhere, especially when you take into account that the built-in memory offered by the iPhone isn't expandable.

While iOS, the operating system for both the iPhone and iPad has numerous advantages, when it comes to junk files, not having the option to manually clear junk files is among the most frustrating thing as well as a major hassle. Well, you will find a step-by-step instruction to effectively clear your iPhone junk files, including various tweaks and a third-party tool that help you along. 

1. Clear your browser's cache and cookies
Before you commit to any third-party solution, begin by working with the means that's available. Cache files stored by your favorite web browsers were made with making browsing a quicker and easier experience, but over a long time they tend to take up way too much space. To avoid this, you can simply go to settings, scroll until you notice the Safari section, scroll to the bottom section and click "clear all cookies and data". 

2. Reinstall your apps
A great additional trick, if you will take, is deleting and reinstalling your apps. This deletes the old cache and can be quite effective. If you're concerned about certain data, make sure to back up everything before attempting this. This relates to another popular method which is simply clearing up space and ridding your device of unwanted files is simply transferring various files and folders to your PC, which can be effective, particularly in saving space.

3. Turn to third-party software
If all the previous steps weren't good enough to restore the health of your iPhone, it is highly recommended that you use a thorough, yet easy-to-understand app or program dedicated to ridding your phone of junk files. Such a program offers a more extensive cleaning solution which includes deleting cache and cookies, as well as temporary files, error logs, and plain junk files often created by a variety of apps that may no longer even be used. 

Among the most popular and easy-to-use software is the Vibosoft iPhone File Cleaner(Mac), which integrates into your Mac or Windows once connected. It helps you not only wipe out the entire data on your iPhone, but also it empowers you to only erase deleted files that still stored on your device. Now you have a try on this efficient program.

Guide to Wipe Junk Files on iPhone with the iPhone File Cleaner

1Download and Open the Software

First of all, download the free trial version and install it on your computer. Then connect your iPhone to your computer via its USB cable and launch the program. Before that, you should confirm that you've already installed iTunes on your PC so that your iPhone can be detected smoothly.



2Clear Junk Files on iPhone

Then the software will start detecting your iPhone. After that, you'll see the below interface. Click the "Quick Clean" option to continue the process.

Now, you can choose the files as you wanted and click the "Start Scan" option to continue.

After that, you can click the "Clean" option to start to clear junk files from iPhone.

By the way, this software can support iPad and iPod as well. Now you can download the program to clear junk files on your iPad or iPod too.

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