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Want to Say Goodbye to Useless Ringtones from iPod Touch?

Nov 16, 2015 14:50 pm / Posted by Fitch to iOS Topics
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Sometimes, in order to personalize their iPod devices, most iPod users may prefer setting special ringtones for their iPhone, iPad and iPod. But do you want to completely erase all files from your iPod Touch including the special ringtones on your iPod Touch? Maybe now you will say that's easy! Just delete them from your iPod Touch manually. However, the thing is that simple deletion from iPod Touch can do nothing! Since these deleted files can be easily recovered with professional software like Vibosoft iPod/iPhone/iPad Rescuer. Therefore, to thoroughly delete these unwanted ringtones from your iPod Touch, you had better rely on a powerful third-party software - Vibosoft iPod Data Eraser.

Let's Learn More About This Software:

> With this software, you are able to erase all unwanted files from iPod Touch, including the ringtones you set for your iPod Touch.

> This software is suitable to all types of files stored in your iPod. It can easily remove photos, music, videos and other files from your iPod Touch in one click.

> After erasing unwanted ringtones from your iPod Touch, you can also save more space on your iPod Touch and speed up your iPod Touch to the best.

> This software is very easy to use. It offers an simple user interface for all iPod users. Therefore, you just need to follow the exact steps appearing on the interface.

> This software can be also compatible with all generation of iPhone and iPad. As long as your device is running iOS system, you can freely rely on this software.


To sum up. This software can help you fully get rid of all unwanted files from iPod Touch in one click. And there is no need to worry that these deleted files will be recovered by a third-party software. Below is the free trial versions of this software, you can choose the one as you needed and embark on the magical journey by yourself! By no means will this software let you down!



Step-by-step Guide on Erasing Ringtones from iPod Touch

1Connect iPod to Computer and Open the Program

To begin with, open the installed software on the computer with double clicks. Then connect your iPod to the computer via the USB cord. Then you will see the below interface. Choose the right erasing mode and the ringtones that you want to erase from iPod Touch. Then click the "Erase Now" option to continue.

Install the program

2Select Security Level and Begin to Erase

Now, you will see the below interface where you are offered three erasing levels. Choose one as you needed and wanted and then click "OK" option to continue.

After that, this software will automatically erase these unwanted files that you have marked from iPod Touch in one click. Then just wait for the process to be finished until you see the below interface.

Scan your iPhone

Write in the End:

Maybe right now you also want to erase ringtone from iPod Touch? Apart from ringtones, you can also use this software to erase other files such as photos, movies, music and etc from your iPod Touch. Now just get the free trial version of this software by clicking the below icon and try it!



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