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Let Me Tell You How to Get Rid of Junk Files from iPad!

Oct. 14, 2015 09:16 am / Posted by Fitch to iOS Topics
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When you are installing and opening applications on your iPad, temporary files will be written on your iPad. Theses files won't disappear even if you have closed the application and don't need these files anymore. With time passing by, your iPad will be cluttered with these files called as junk files. Junk files are useless but occupy the limited space on your iPad. Therefore, regularly cleaning junk files from iPad is of great significance. This passage will tell you how to clean up unwanted junk files. All you need to do is to find a reliable cleaning software.

Why Should I Need a Third-Party Software?

Since junk files are displayed on your iPad just like the normal folders, it may be a little troublesome to tell out useful files from junk files. Moreover, these junk files may be hidden in somewhere else on your iPad even if sometimes you have deleted them from your iPad. At this moment, you need to find a professional software, which can automatically detect all junk files and truly delete them from iPad so as to save more space. There are a lot of possible cleaning programs for you to choose from, but Vibosoft FoneClean for iOS (Mac) comes to my strongest recommendation. As to the reasons, you will get the answer in the following part.

Why Should I Choose Vibosoft FoneClean for iOS?

* With this software, all junk files on your iPad will be detected and displayed on your computer within a few seconds. You don't need to waste time on identifying the junk files on your computer.

* Apart from junk files, this software is able to clean up all the other unwanted files from your iPad such as media files like music, video, etc. It can support multiple types of files.

* This software offers an easy-to-understand software for iPad users, you just need to follow the steps to clean up the unnecessary files from your iPad so as to save more space and speed up your iPad device.

* As a standalone program, you can operate this powerful software on your computer/Mac without any other third-party applications.

* This software is also compatible with iPhone and iPod. This software can be the best security app for your iPhone, iPod and iPad.

To name just a few, this software is powerful enough to meet your needs in cleaning junk files from iPad. Moreover, the Windows Version for iOS user and Windows Version for Android user are both available for free trials. In the following part, let's see how does this program works on iPad! You can click the below button to get the free trial version of this software. Make sure that you have downloaded the right version.



How Can I Remove Junk Files from iPad with FoneClean?

1Open the Program on Computer

First of all, open the installed program on the computer with double clicks. Then connect your iPad to the computer via the USB cord. Then you will see the below interface.

2Choose&Scan Files from iPad

Click the "Quick Scan" option and then you will see the below interface. Choose the files you want to clear from iPad and then click the "Start Scan" option to continue.

3Clean iOS Notifications from iPad

Now, click the "Clean" option to clear the unwanted files from iPad.

Write in the End:

You can also use Vibosoft iPad Eraser to erase all files from iPad without the possibility of being recovered! But in case that important files may be wrongly deleted through the cleaning process, you are suggested to rely on Vibosoft iPad to Computer Transfer to backup all the important files from iPad to computer.

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