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How to Unlock PDF Password Protected Files (Windows/Mac)

Aug, 11, 2013 18:27 pm / Posted by Amy to PDF Topics
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PDF files have become the de facto document standard on the Internet. Why? Well, because it is the Portable Document Format. The file you created will look just like the one you had prepared, irrespective of the software used to create or read the file or whether the other person has the fonts you used. It also offers hundreds of other options that make it truly great for the power user. However, sometimes you get a PDF file from a friend or from the Internet that is password protected. Some require a password to open, others have the fonts, images and other content protected and even some others prohibit you from printing the file.

Suppose I send you a file that requires you to enter a password to open the file. Of course I will provide you the password if you are the intended recipient. You open the file, read it, find the contents useful and would like to get back to the file in the future. However, do you remember yet another password with all the passwords you are already trying to remember inside your brain? Or do you write it down? You could use some password storage solution but since you are not distributing the file and the password has already served its purpose .For example, it allows only you to read it. When encountering this, you’d better not hesitate any more. Why not just remove it?

How to Unlock PDF Password Security for Editing (Mac/Windows)

If you’ve digested what I said, what you have to do is to find a tool to unlock the PDF password you’ve forgotten. Because in some less urgent circumstance, you can of course contact the person concerned to get the password, but there can be plenty of situations where you would want to use a password protected file otherwise! So, if you need to unlock the PDF password protected files, it’s necessary to make use of PDF unlocker software.

However, Vibosoft PDF Password Remover for windows users (PDF Password Remover for Mac) is a professional utility that allows you to remove passwords and open protected PDF files for your viewing or printing. It can easily decipher the original contents without compromising the integrity of the document.

PDF Password Remover

Forget the owner or user password of your PDF files? PDF Password Remover program will help you remove all passwords with ease.

For Windows Users:

After many attempts and updates, all errors have been fully fixed and it has been perfectly compatible with all 32bit or 64bix Windows system, such as Windows XP/7/8. It is also designed to withstand high data flows, in other words, it can load hundreds of PDF files at a time and doesn't crash! Simple user interfaces will guide you to finish the whole process within three steps, save your time!

enter the password

Note: If the imported PDF is protected by user password, you have to enter the user password. Just click the icon , when a pop up window appears, enter the password.

For Mac Users:

Vibosoft Studio has released Mac version for this program, If you're a Mac user, you can directly download it here, this program is fully compatible with all Mac version, such as: Mac OS X 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6 ,etc. Assume that you have installed the program on your Mac, and then launch the program; you will see an intuitive and clean user interface. The batch loading feature will enable you to add hundreds PDF files at a time and doesn't crash!

Write in the End: How to Encrypt PDF

Before removing the password, it’s of great significance for us to have knowledge of the principle of file encryption. First of all, what we need to do is to get to know some key concepts. Global encryption key, often referred as global key, is generated by encryption dictionary object and the password you entered. It is to produce the object encryption key, which is used for actual encrypted files. It is also known as object key. Masses of individuals are unable to figure out the fact that how the content of the file is encrypted and how the key is generated. Once understanding the two problems, it’s not difficult to absorb the cracking method.

To simplify the puzzles, I would like to give a short description of the encrypting process:

* Select the PDF compatible versions and input the user password as well as owner password.

* Generate encryption dictionary object according to the input.

* Get the global key on the basis of the input and encryption dictionary object.

* Receive the object key by global key.

* Use the object key to encrypt the concept in need.

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