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How to Remove Security from PDF (Mac/Windows)

Nov 18, 2012 18:27 pm / Posted by Amy to PDF Topics
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As we all know, the Adobe PDF file plays a very important part in our daily life or work, PDF files can be encrypted, sometimes without Open-Password, you're unable to access PDF file which downloaded from the Internet, without Owner-Password, you also cannot print the PDF document, there are some books on the network also come with a digital certificate, it is very inconvenient to use password protected PDF files at ordinary times. However, this article will focus on the PDF security remover program; which is a pretty good chance to remove security from Adobe PDF document.

What's the PDF Encryption Principle?

The key benefit of a PDF is the ability to password protects its contents. For the sake of our work, frequently we need to copy and paste some content from PDF files, or print PDF document, these operations will be limited if your PDF document was protected by password. This feature allows sensitive documents to be emailed or distributed via the web. You know that PDF files can be encrypted easily, but it is necessary for you to learn the PDF encryption knowledge.

Understanding Open Password and Owner Password.

There are many program can be used to create password-protected PDF files. Open password is used to limit document access; you will be unable to open or print the PDF document if you have no User Password.

Owner passwords control access to the document's security settings. It's sometimes referred to as the permissions password.

Guide: How Can I Remove PDF Security Password (Mac/Windows 7/8)

The Permissions Settings in the PDF is just a string of characters. It uses the character to represent whether the PDF to allow an operation or prohibit some operation, to remove the user security password, just remove the string and the related information, then there is no limit on the PDF file permissions. Vibosoft PDF Security Remover windows program (PDF Password Remover for Mac) is excellent tool which can be used to remove security from protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files, Decryption process is being done instantly, it support batch decrypting 300 PDF files at one time; Easy to use and intuitive interface. now, the following steps will take Windows version as an example.

PDF Password Remover

Forget the owner or user password of your PDF files? PDF Password Remover program will help you remove all passwords with ease.

1Launch the Program and Add PDF Files

Make sure you have successfully installed this program on your windows computer, it can be perfectly compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 system without Adobe Acrobat, then launch it, the main interface will be appeared with intuitive interface. You'll see various operations button: Add files, Delete, Clear All, Help .etc.

Add Files: Add Files: There are two methods available to importing PDF files; you're allowed to simply to click the "Add Files" to load a batch of PDF file at a time, or directly drag PDF files to program.

enter the password

2Set the Output Location and Ready to Remove

You're allowed to customize the location to store the output files or keep default. When ready, directly process the "Start" button to start to remove security settings from Adobe PDF file immediately, it will take seconds to finish the whole process. Then you can open the un-secured PDF files and load them in PDF reader or edit them without any limitation.

enter the password

Write in the End:

PDF security is very versatile, if you have sensitive information in your PDFs that will be published, we always recommend that you save your password protected PDF to prevent people from editing the contents of your PDF, PDF is a good option to consider, and it provides a number of advanced encryption capabilities. Vibosoft Studio released two version: Windows Version and Mac Version.

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