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How to Convert CHM to PDF on Mac or Windows 7/8/XP

Dec 11, 2013 10:57 am / Posted by Amy to PDF Topics
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What is CHM?

If you usually download eBooks on the Internet, you may find that many eBooks are saved as TEXT format, and some of them are may be saved as CHM format. As many people have little information about CHM, I'd like to make some explanation. CHM is short for Compiled Help Manual, which provides online help for Microsoft files as the successor of Microsoft WinHelp. In addition, CHM consists of HTML pages, an index and other navigation tools, so that it is also used for software documentation.

Why do We Need to Convert CHM to PDF?

PDF must be the most common format in daily use. You can put many different information in a PDF document, such as the text, fonts, graphics, pictures, etc. If it is necessary, you can add hypertext links for your content. Apart from this, there are much more reasons why PDF is so popular among users. Firstly, it is a cross platform tool, which is compatible with different operating systems. Secondly, PDF is a fixed-layout electronic file format that preserves document formatting. Thirdly, Adobe permits royalty-free rights to develop PDF compliant softwares. As PDF is so practical, we often convert files to PDF from other formats, like CHM, TEXT, WORD, etc. But how to achieve this? That's a key question.

Here I'd love to recommend you this Vibosoft PDF Creator Master (PDF Creator Master for Mac). It's totally a powerful software, next I'll give you some detailed info, you can't miss it. It can able to convert files with high quality. You will never loss any data after converting. Tables, pictures, fonts, etc. are all kept with 100% accuracy. It can also load multiple files simultaneously. If you want to convert several documents to PDF, there is no need to add them one by one, you can create a new folder, and then put the whole files in it, when you operate this program, you can just choose this new folder and load it with one click. Besides, this program is always operated well, you can easily load thousands of files without worrying about program crash.

How about this program? As an effective and efficient tool, it can be operated easily besides so many useful functions. Now you must care about how to run this software, I'll show you the steps soon.

PDF Creator Master

Want to create your own PDF files? You can't miss PDF Creator Master program, which offers an easy and less expensive way of creating high-quality PDF documents.

Try to Convert CHM to PDF on Mac and Windows

This program is able to be compatible with all Windows system: Windows 7/8/XP, and you can run it on your computer without any help from other applications. Now download the Windows version and install it on your PC.

For Windows User: Run the Windows Version:

After you run this program on your computer, click "Add File" to load files. If you put those files, which are needed to be converted to PDF, in one folder, you can directly press "Add Folder", then all files in this folder will be loaded into this program. Next, you should choose a output folder and touch "Start", you will get all CHM files in PDF format immediately.

Load files to the program

Note: If you want to combine multiple files into one, choose the "Merge into one file" on the lower right panel. Look at the top left corner, there is a "Edit" option, click it and enter the "Preference" area, where you can change page settings. According to the following interface, you can set page size, document margins as you need. Moreover, set owner password and user password to guarantee document security. If you don't want your files to be changed or used by others, you can also put restrictions on them. After setting all information, press "Save", they will be applied to your documents.

page setting

For Mac User: Run the Mac Version

For Mac users, this program can also fully compatible with all Mac version, like: Mac OS X 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6 ,etc. Before converting, you'd better make sure the format of your source files, and select the right option. All files can be converted at once, and this program can preserve their layouts without disarrangement. What's more, it can keep all formatting information, that is to say, you can convert them back whenever you want.

main interfce

Write in the End

After the above introductions, you can see that the Vibosoft PDF Creator Master (Mac Version) is a useful tool for converting files from CHM format to PDF. Besides CHM documents, we convert files to PDF from other formats as well, like TEXT, WORD, MOBI, and so on. And this program is still suitable to source files of these formats. If you have any other questions or requirements, you can download one and have a try, maybe you'll find more surprises.

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