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Guide to Export Android Files to External Hard Drive

March 10, 2016 15:13 pm / Posted by Fitch to Android Phone Topics
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It is no exaggeration to say that Android phone has been an essential part of Android users' daily life, since it can now satisfy all the needs from various aspects. You can use it to make phone calls, send or receive messages. Also, you can use it to listen to the music songs, watch videos, save useful apps like wallpaper apps to decorate your phone and do many other things as you wanted and liked. As time passes by, it is quite natural that more and more files will be accumulated in your Android device. In view of this case, there are two important things which can't be neglected. On one hand, the accumulation of files will lead to the space scarcity, resulting in the inability to save other new files; on the other hand, one single improper action may contribute to the severe data losses. Therefore, you are suggested to export files from Android to external hard drive frequently!

Then this Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager is surely what you will need. With this software, you can easily transfer files from Android phone to the external hard drive at ease. This software is fully compatible with all types of files saved on your phone, including messages, contacts saved in the internal memory and media files like music, photos, videos saved in the SD card. Also, this software is sure to be your best Android assistant, allowing you freely edit and manage files like contacts on the computer as you wanted and needed. Even more, this software enables you to send messages directly from computer to more than one contacts at one time. Cannot wait to have a try? Just get the right version and start now!

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Android Mobile Manager

Android Mobile Manager enables you to backup everything on Android smart phone to the computer with simple operations. You can't miss it.

Steps to Transfer Files from Android to External Hard Drive

To start with, open the installed software on the computer and then you will see the below interface. Choose the option of Connect via USB to continue the process.

install USB drive

Then if you see the below interface, please follow the steps to enable USB debugging on your device. If not, just skip to the next step.

Install the program

Then this software will detect your device and display all the file folders on the left panel. You can enter the different folders to choose the files you want to export from Android phone to the external hard drive. After selecting the wanted files, click on the Export option and set up the right external hard drive as the output location as you wanted and needed.

preview text messages

Done! This Vibosoft Android Manager is very easy to use, right? Now, you don't need to worry about sudden data losses anymore!

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