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Best Android Contacts Editor on Computer( Windows/Mac)

Jan 15,2014 14:06 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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The world has witnessed a long process of cellphone technology development. From the earlier mobile phones with basic functions to the modern smart phones, people will find great improvements in related technologies. Speaking of smart phone, we should not ignore the importance of some certain operating systems. As one of such systems, Android system is among the most commonly seen ones. People can enjoy more fun and conveniences with the help of this system in their smart phones.

What's the Android Contacts Editor?

However, Android smart phone users, like many of those previous users using lower-end cellphones, want to do more with their cellphones. For example, they need to manage their contacts stored in the phones out of some purposes. In the old days, due to the lack of efficient intermediate tools, such management was limited to a few simple basic aspects. You would not expect to manage your Android phone contacts on computer. Then, this fact has highlighted the meaning of the invention of Vibosoft Android Contacts Editor, a software aiming at solving problems people couldn’t handle with their Android smart phones in the past, including the management of the contacts like editing them.

The coming of this Vibosoft Android Contacts Editor perfectly provides a supplement for the smart phone market. This software takes many different types of functions, all of which are with practical values. And in terms of editing Android phone contacts, a purpose held by many Android phone users, this thing can also be a good assistant.

To edit Android phone contacts on computer with this program, you needn't have to do many things. With the help of a USB cable and some simple steps, it will be really easy to do the editing work. Many people said that their life has become more interesting since they used this program for the first time. No matter which telephone number you want to edit, you will make it on PC with this program. And you can also perform many other functions with it. Now you can download it on your computer and find more surprises by yourself.

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User Guide: How to Modify Android Contacts on PC/Mac

1Connect Android Device to PC and Run the Program

Note: As the following guide will introduce you how to edit Android contacts on Windows computer, Mac users can act as the similar process to manage your contacts on your Mac computer.

At first, connect your Android phone to computer via USB. Then open this program on your computer with double click. While, you should make sure you've installed it correctly first. A few seconds later, you will get a main interface as follows. You should follow the instructions to enable USB debugging on you phone when you operate this program on your computer for the first time. So that it will be able to recognize your Android device successfully. After detecting your mobile phone, this program will install USB driver on PC automatically. Wait for a while, your phone data will be scanned completely soon.

By the way, you can skip the process of enabling USB debugging next time when you run this program on PC. And if this program asks for super user access to your Android phone, please choose "Allow".

Install the program

2Scan and Preview Android Phone Data

After scanning for several seconds, this program will show the whole data of your Android phone on the menu( see picture). Then you can choose to preview any file as you want. Now please press "Contacts".

main panel

3Edit Android Phone Contacts on PC as Needed

Click "All contacts", you can see that all contacts are listed one by one with name, phone number, message number, etc. Then you can freely add, delete, modify contacts as you want. In addition, you also can export contacts to computer by touching the "Export" button.

Write in the End:

Some of you may have used or heard of another thing - data recovery program, something designed for recovering data stored in the storage card of a mobile phone. And you may wonder why we don't use this program to realize the editing of contacts of Android phones. Let me tell you the truth: things stored in a storage card are not the same as contacts. This is because contacts are always stored in different places, either the phone memory or the SIM card memory. Then you need another assistant program instead of a recovery software.

I sincerely wish that people who have the opportunity to read this article will benefit from using Vibosoft Android Contacts Editor. Your smart phone needs a smart assistant!

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