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Mobile Phone Topic

As Android users, you may experience problems in getting in touch with Android data recovery, data backup and data transfer issues. Then, this mobile phone topic will share most useful tips and tricks for Android phone like: Samsung, HTC, LG and more...

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  • How to Backup Messages from Samsung Galaxy to PC

    Are you still looking for a reliable program to download your text messages from your Samsung cell phone? Read this article, you will get the best answer.
  • How to Copy Contacts from Android Phone to PC

    When you want to transfer data, usually to a new phone, you often choose to copy them to the SD or SIM card, but it still necessary to copy text messages, contacts from LG to computer for backup.
  • How to Recover Lost Contacts from Android

    As Android becomes the most common smartphone system, several telecoms giants such as Samsung, HTC, LG have launched various Android phones. And this page will help your restore lost contacts from all Android phones.
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    How to Recover LG Lost Text Messages
    Do you know how to retrieve LG text messages which are deleted by mistakes? Especially when you lost your phone data without backups, you must need a data recovery tool.
    How to View Text Messages on Computer
    Sometimes reading text messages is not so convenient when we are surfing the internet. How about scanning SMS messages on PC? It must be wonderful.
    How to Retrieve Lost Photos from LG
    Most people like taking photos with their LG phones when they are on a vacation. If you lose those precious pictures, you might need an assistant program to recover them.
    How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from HTC
    Many people like deleting text messages on HTC phone time to time. While, one day you find that you may lose texts accidently. Then you need a program to help you recover deleted SMS messages.
    How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from Motorola
    As you know that you can retrieve your phone data if you have backed them up. While, if you don't have any backup of your phone, you'd better turn to a third-party program for help.
    How to Restore Lost Photos from HTC
    Photos are so important that we always want to keep them forever. Somehow, we may lose them accidently. In this page, you can learn how to recover the deleted photos quickly from your HTC devices.
    How to Recover Deleted Contacts from HTC
    Our HTC phones are always at the risk of losing data. What would you do if you haven't never backed up your phone files before? Now you just need an assistant program.
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