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How to Restore Contacts/SMS from Rooted LG Phones?

Dec 09, 2015 09:20 am / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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Nowadays, when Android users like LG users get their new phones, the first thing they may take into account is to root the LG phones. If you are still puzzled why so many people prefer rooting their mobile phones, you can get every valid reason to root your Android phones like LG phone. Well, now you may also want to root your phone to get full control over your mobile phone. But that's not a riskless action, if you don't get fully prepared for the rooting process, it is possible that the disadvantages might outweigh the advantages. After that, you can begin to safely root your Android phone!

However, despite of all these kind advices, there are always some people who may forget to do prep-work for rooting their Android phones, taking LG phone as example, such as backed up important files from your LG phone to computer. Then one of the possible cases is that they may lose important files such as contacts and SMS from LG phones. Now, you may say if only I hadn't rooted my LG phone. Take it easy! All the lost files can be regained to your LG phone within a few simple clicks after reading through this passage, and you can still fully enjoy the convenience brought by a rooted LG phone.

As to recover the lost contacts and messages from rooted LG phone, you have to trust a professional recovery tool to get back the lost files. Here, my strongest recommendation comes to this Vibosoft Dr. Mobile for Android (Windows/Mac). With this software, recovering lost contacts and messages from rooted LG phone is just as easy as ABC. This software is able to access the internal memory or SIM card where contacts and messages are saved and then preview all the lost files from your rooted LG phone on one window, so you are free to choose selectively or wholly recovering contacts and messages from rooted LG phones. Moreover, the shining point of this software lies in its complete compatibility. On one hand, this software is able to suit all types of files saved on Android phones such as contacts, messages, music, photos, videos and etc. On the other hand, this software can support all brands of Android phones like Samsung. LG, HTC, Huawei and so on.

Now, you can get the free trial version of this software and give it a try by yourself!

DR. Mobile for Android

DR. Mobile for Android is professional data recovery software. It allows you to recover lost/ deleted files on Android smart phones and tablets.

Guide on How to Recover Lost Contacts/SMS from Rooted LG Phone

1Get LG Phone Connected to Computer

To start with, open the installed software on the computer and link your LG phone to the computer via the USB cord. Then this software will detect your LG phone and show the below interface. You just need to click the "Refresh" icon to continue.

2Preview & Recover Contacts/SMS from Rooted LG

On the left panel of the main interface, there are different file folders. Now, you need to enter the "Contacts" and "Messages" tab respectively to choose the files that you want to recover from rooted LG phone. After that, click the option of "Recover" to get back your lost files from rooted LG phones.

Just wait for a few while! Then all contacts and messages will be recovered to your LG phone. Quite easy to operate, right? So, now, what are you waiting for? Just get the right version of this Vibosoft Dr. Mobile for Android (Windows/Mac) software to recover lost files from rooted LG phone or other Android phones. After all, it is useless to cry over the lost data, isn't it?

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