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Top 6 Reasons to Root Your Android Phones

Sept 07, 2015 11:00 am / Posted by Amy to Root Tips Topics
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Quite a few people prefer rooting their mobile phones when they buying a new phone. But before choosing rooting your Android mobile phone, do you really know the reasons why you should root your phones? In other words, do you have a clear mind of what positive impacts will rooting possibly bring to your mobile phone? This passage will elaborately tell you the specific reasons why you should root your Android mobile phones.

1. Freely Uninstall Crapwares from Android Phones

It is known to all that mobile phones have many softwares which are pre-installed by the manufactueres. And these softwares can't be easily removed unless you have got root access.

2. Download the Wanted Applications as Wanted

After rooting your mobile phone, you are free to download other useful softwares to serve you at your hand, which may require root permission. For example, when you accidentally losing your phone data, you can immediately turn to Vibosoft Dr. Mobile for Android for help.

3. Efficiently Boost Your Mobile Device

Once you have rooted your mobile phone, you can erase junk files in batches and remove the unwanted applications to save more space, in an effort to boost the performance of your Android mobile phone.

4. Install the Latest Android Version at Ease

Rooting your mobile phones allows you to download the latest Android version for better experience without any limitations. Unlike the previous times when you can do nothing facing the release of the new Android version, now you are free to download the latest version as you wanted.

5. Block Advertisements across All Apps

Before rooting your mobile phones, you have no choice but to endure the unpleasant ads when opening a certain software. But after rooting, you can choose to install some apps to block the annoying advertisements.

6. Prolong the Battery Life

Once finishing the rooting process, many unnecessary softwares, which may run in the background the waste the battery, will be removed so as to improve the batter life.

The mentioned above are just some prominent advantages of rooting your mobile phone. More unimaginable features remain to be discovered! Now you can head to the guide how to root android mobile phones to know more information!

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