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The Safest Way to Root Your Samsung Galaxy

Aug 25, 2015 10:30 am / Posted by Amy to Root Tips Topics
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When buying a new mobile phone such as Samusng Galaxy, quite a few people want to root their phone first so as to remove those pre-installed softwares, to download other third-party programs requiring root permission and to freely manage their device data. However, since one mistake may probably turn your mobile phone into a useless "brick" during the rooting process. It is highly suggested to follow the steps introduced in this article to root your Samsung Galaxy.

Benefits of Rooting:

* You can download any other third-party softwares as you needed.

* You can install custom ROM and user interface in your Samsung Galaxy at ease.

* You can boost faster performance of your mobile device.

* You can remove unwanted programs pre-installed by carriers to save more space in your phone.

* You can back up your phone system in case of system breakdown.

* You can block advertisements across all applications.

In a word, successful rooting can bring you a lot of benefits. But bear it in mind that one step wrong may directly turn your mobile phone into a brick. Therefore, if your have decided to root your Samsung Galaxy, you had better carefully read the following preparation work and follow the detailed instructions on rooting.

Preparations for Rooting:

* Make sure that you have fully charged your mobile phone.

* Make sure that you have backed up all important files in your mobile phone.

* Make sure that you have found a reliable software such as Root Genius.

Root Genius is a powerful tool which can help you safely root your mobile phone. After rooting, you can manage your mobile device without any restrictions. The following part will tell you how to safely root your Samsung Galaxy with the help of Root Genius.


Instructions on Rooting Samsung Galaxy

Step 1. Download the Root Genius and then open it on computer.

Step 2. Link your Samsung Galaxy to computer via its USB cord. After checking I accept User Agreement, click the option of "Root it". Now, all you need to do is wait for the rooting process to finish.

Done! You have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy. Now, you can freely work Android Mobile Manager to manage your Samsung Galaxy or other softwares as you needed!

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