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How to Transfer Videos from LG Phone to Computer/PC

May 08, 2014 09:38 am / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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As you know, LG is a world-famous international conglomerate, which is also the second-biggest enterprise group after Samsung in South Korea. And LG Electronics is the biggest subcompany to LG Group just as what Samsung Electronics is to Samsung Group. It is no exaggeration to say that LG home appliances have won great popularity in the global market, and LG is absolutely the leader in launching mobile phone. In general, big companies are not only fully capable of producing popular and ordinary products, particularly, they are able to invent high-end products with funds and technical support. Take LG smart phone as an example. According to reports, the upcoming LG G3 runs Android OS 4.4, packs a 5.5-inch QHD screen with a whopping resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. It is very appealing, right? Before release, LG G3 has been generally considered as the credible competitor to Samsung Galaxy S5.

Why and How to Export Videos from LG to PC?

Without professional needs, many people like shooting videos or taking pictures with their mobile phone directly, especially when some high-end smart phones like LG G2 has been launched, which is more convenient and efficient. While, after taking families videos with your LG EnV3/G2/Optimus/Octane/Cosmos mobile phone, you may need to transfer them to computer for other uses, such as share with others, clip them to make a MV, keep them as a backup, and so on. Then here's the question: how can we export videos from LG phone to computer with the simplest way?

In fact, there are numerous programs on the market that can help transfer files from mobile phone to PC. Here this Vibosoft LG Mobile Manager is absolutely the most effective one. With it, you will be able to backup videos from LG smart phone to computer without hurting the quality of videos or any data on your LG cell phone. In addition, this software is quite easy to use, which enables you to finish copying multiple movies from LG phone to computer within minutes.

What’s more, if you want to take this LG Mobile Manager software for further usages, it will be a good helper. As a matter of fact, this program is a functional management software. Apart from videos, you are allowed to backup everything on your LG mobile phone to computer within clicks by running it. Meanwhile, you are able to edit, delete and add files to your phone on PC as well. If you find some interesting apps on computer, you can directly download and install them to your LG device. Of course, you can also uninstall them on PC without limitations. Moreover, one thing to note is that this program can assist users to send text messages to any phone number on the contacts list, group messaging is also attainable.

This program is amazing, right? Now you can follow the steps to give it a try by yourself.

Android Mobile Manager

Android Mobile Manager enables you to backup everything on Android smart phone to the computer with simple operations. You can't miss it.

User Guide: How to Copy Videos from LG Phone to Computer/PC

1Operate this Software, Get LG Phone Detected

After downloading and installing this program on your computer, please open it with double click. Then connect your LG smart phone to PC via USB. In order to get your LG device detected successfully, you need to enable USB debugging on your phone when you run this software for the first time. If you don't know how to achieve it, please follow the steps on the pictures below. After that, touch "USB debugging opened" and "Next" in order, this program will recognize your smart phone soon.

Install the program

After detecting your device, it will automatically install USB driver on your computer, please be a little patient.

Note: You just need to enable USB debugging and install USB driver for once, next time when you launch this software, it will identify your LG phone as soon as you link LG to PC.

2Scan and Preview Files on LG Phone

After installing USB driver, this program will begin to scan your LG phone data. A few seconds later, you will get an interface as displayed. Now you can preview apps, music, pictures, videos, book, contacts, etc. at will.

main panel

3Backup LG Videos to Computer

If you want to copy movies from LG mobile phone to PC, you should touch the "Video" option to preview them first. Then you can select your needed videos and click the "Export" button to save them to computer. This software allows you to transfer videos to PC selectively, while if you are going to export the whole videos, you can press "Select All" to mark and transfer them in a batch.

Write in the End:

Now you can see that this Vibosoft LG Mobile Manager can help you transfer videos from LG phone to computer with only a few clicks. As I've mentioned before, this software is quite functional, if you need to completely control your LG mobile phone on PC, it can be practical. Just have a try, it won't disappoint you.

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