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How to Print Out Text Messages from LG Phone

Nov 23, 2013 18:27 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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When it comes to LG mobile phone, people’s view differs from person to person. But in general, the sales of LG mobile phone has declined in recent years in the world, but its fashion, contracted, generous design concept has also appealed to a lot of handsome boys, pretty girls and business people. Briefly, it doesn’t lead to any inferior quality regardless of its fashionable design. As a smart phone in the rampant area, LG phones are also able to keep up with the trend. But as with the system, the LG mobile phone can’t upgrades to keep up with the development of the Times, always falling behind other mobiles and it’s not surprising that it loses competition in the stagnant condition, relatively speaking.

How can I Print SMS from Android Phone

I believe that a group of people after buying a new phone used to grope for the function of the mobile phone and figure out every button. I once heard the news that a fresh boy in my school tried to transfer text messages from his newly- bought LG mobile to computer for print. Later I understood that he make the cell phone text messages stored in the computer, but failed to open it. So he wondered whether he chose the wrong way. He tried many times but only got garbage characters. Well, what do you think of it? Do you also think print text messages from your or somebody else’s LG mobile phone is a huge trouble thing? Do you also consider we can't get a satisfactory result even if we make use of a variety of methods that are seemingly good? So it’s the phenomenon. I guess most people will have this kind of idea, because for many people, they do not have so high demand for mobile phones, so they have no need to think this kind of question, and naturally will ignore it.

Next time were you feel an urge to experience it, you may as well pay attention to what other users saying. Vibosoft did! Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager must easily pull you out of despair when you deem it’s necessary to print out your SMS from LG or other android mobile phone. No matter a single text message or a batch of messages, it can be done at a rapid speed, and the specific time difference heavily depends on the quality of your mobile and the quantity you choose to handle.

Android Mobile Manager

Android Mobile Manager enables you to backup everything on Android smart phone to the computer with simple operations. You can't miss it.

How to Print Off Text Messages from LG Optimus/ Env3/Cosmos/Dare/Rumor

1Connect LG to PC, Run the Program and Enable USB Debugging

After installing Vibosoft Android Manager (Windows | Mac) on your computer, connect your LG smartphone or tablet to your computer via a USB data cable. Then you need to enable USB debugging. Confirm that program is connected to your LG phone. Once connected, you'll see USB debugging about your device in the first tab.

Note: Enable USB debugging: Look at the following screenshot: Enable USB debugging and continue.

Install the program

2Automatically Download and Install USB Driver on Your Computer

Note that the third step in the installation process requires the user to download and install USB driver on computer, this took a little long time - about 1 minute. (For the record, I'm still on Windows XP so it might be quicker for newer OS.)

install USB drive

Note: An alert message will pop up in your Phone, and Click “Allow” on your Android device to allow the program super user authorization.

3Analyze and Scan Android Device

Once you've finally installed USB driver and booted it up, you see this nice main interface. It's worth quickly clicking through this to get an idea of how the various elements work. The program will read the phone's memory, SIM and SD card, all the data inside your LG phone will be scanned and be organized in a tree structure with details.

main panel

4Preview in Really-Time and Export Text Messages Selectively:

At this step, you can preview the text messages with the contacts, time, date, select the messages you want and start to "Backup", you can also export all messages by selecting the "All SMS" or "Inbox". All the selected messages will be saved as .XLS format on your computer; you can easily edit them and print them. Don’t try to disconnect or turn off your LG phone until the process is complete.

preview text messages

Note: Other powerful function: you're allowed to directly send messages from PC to other's phone in the program.

Write in the End:

For people with a little understanding of mobiles, android mustn’t be something completely new for them. In spite of getting along well with Microsoft, most LG phones have adopted android system. In return, android has developed amazing potential to benefit its customers. How can I say so? Because for android mobiles, they have more than one means to pull what the mobile owners want off such as print out messages from the device.

In order to sync a local video or song to LG phone, you need to add the song/video to program library. To do this, you can switch to "Video" tab from the left column, and press "Add music" /"Add video" or directly drag files to the program. Vibosoft Android Manager program can fully support all android devices and meet the different needs. This program supports all modes: LG EnV3, G2, Optimus, Octane, Cosmos, Dare, Rumor touch, Vu, Accolade .etc.

Core Functions of the Program:

1. If there hundreds of contacts stored in phone, you can directly add, delete, modify, edit your contacts, message directly through computer and automatically sync to your Android phone. It helps edit contacts, messages quickly.

2. You can directly to export all the data from Android device to computer: messages, contacts, photos, music, etc.

3. Best Android app management assistant! Directly, fast install and uninstall phone's apps through computer.

4. Directly group text messages from PC to other's phone.

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