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How Can I Erase Private Ringtones from iPhone?

Nov 12, 2015 10:45 am / Posted by Fitch to iOS Topics
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Nowadays, more and more people prefer setting special ringtones for different people. For example, a couple may set up an indigenous home-made ringtone for each other. As we all know, the inbuilt ringtone for iPhone devices are all the same. So do you want to have the same ringtone with other iPhone users. And the embarrassing situation can sometimes happen: When an iPhone rings, you may take out your iPhone to check the information, only to find it's not your iPhone that is ringing. That's why more and more people are prone to owning a special ringtone to personalize their iPhones. But, when you want to buy a brand new iPhone, you might want to know everything about iPhone 6S and you may want to erase these personal ringtones from your iPhone in case your private information may be leaked. However, simply delete these files from your iPhone can do nothing, they can be easily recovered with a professional software like iPhone Data Recovery. Here, you need a way to wipe all private data (including all those ringtones) from your old iPhone.

And that's also the purpose of iPhone Data Eraser, which aims at permanently deleting all unwanted files from iPhone in one click. With this software, all private data including ringtones can be deleted from iPhone with zero possibility of being recovered. Then there is no need to worry that your private files will be leaked one day, since they have disappeared in this world permanently with the powerful software. Therefore, this is the perfect software you are looking for to protect your privacy from being leaked. Now, just get the free trial version of this software and give it a try by yourself!



User Guide: How to Wipe out Ringtones from iPhone in One Click

1Connect iPhone to Computer and Open the Program

First of all, open the installed software on the computer and then connect your iPhone to the computer via the USB cord. Then you will see the below interface, where you can choose different erasing mode on the left panel as you needed. After that, choose the files that you want to delete from iPhone and click the "Erase Now" option.

Install the program

2Select Security Level and Begin to Erase

After that, you will see the below interface. Choose the erasing level as wanted and then click the "OK" option to begin erasing ringtones from iPhone. Then just wait for the process to be finished. After that, you will see the unwanted files will be gone from your iPhone.

Write in the End:

Apart from the software mentioned in the above, you can also have a try of this Vibosoft FoneErase for iOS and Vibosoft FoneErase for iOS(Mac Version), which is a professional software to erase unwanted files from iPhone/iPad/iPod permanently. For Android users, you can rely on this FoneErase for Android. I hope this passage is helpful to you, anyway!

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