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Tips to Clean up User Storage from iPod touch

Jan. 19, 2016 09:20 am / Posted by Fitch to iOS Topics
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When you took some special photos on your birthday party or on your journey and wanted to save them on your iPod touch, only to get an alert saying Not Enough Space; when you find an interesting movie, lyrical music songs and want to save it on your iPod touch so you can enjoy it when you need to kill off boring time, only to find you have to free up more space before saving these files. Have you ever stuck in such cases as mentioned in the above? Have you ever wondered why your user storage is getting smaller and smaller while no other new files have been added?

Actually, when you are using your iPod touch to listen to music, take photos or videos or surf on the internet, the corresponding junk files such as app cookies, download temp files, photo caches and etc. will also be generated on your device. Such files are regarded as useless files which may occupy much precious space on your iPod touch. Also, these junk files may also post a threat to your privacy on your iPod touch. Therefore, you need to clean up user storage from your iPod touch frequently, so as to remove all the junk files from your device! In terms of cleaning up user storage from iPod touch, you can't miss this FREE Vibosoft iPhone Data Cleaner(Mac). With this free software, you can have easy access to all junk files saved on your iPod touch since it will automatically detect and display all the junk files on your device. This software can support all types of junk files on your iPod touch. Also, it can be compatible with all generations of iPhone, iPad and iPod devices! Now, why not get this free software and give it a try by yourself? Don't you want to speed up your iPod?

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User Guide on Removing User Storage from iPod touch

Step 1. Connect iPod touch to Computer

After opening the installed software on the computer, get your iPod touch connected to the computer via the USB cord. Then this software will automatically detect your iPod touch and display the below interface. Now, choose the option of Quick Clean to continue.

Step 2. Preview Junk Files on iPod touch

Now, you will see the below main interface. All junk file folders are arranged and you can choose the option of Select All and then Start Scan to preview all the files on your device.

Step 3. Clean up User Storage from iPod touch

Now, this software will scan all the files and display them on the main interface. Click Clean option and then OK option on the pop-up window to begin the iPod touch user storage cleaning process. Finally, just wait for the process to complete.

Till now, you have cleaned up all junk files from your iPod touch in one click. You will find more space is freed in your device! You can just free up space with this FREE yet professional Vibosoft iPhone Data Cleaner(Mac) software. So now what are you waiting for? Just go ahead!

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