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How to Clear iPhone Notes or Calendar in Details ?

Apr. 22,2015 17:27 pm / Posted by Fitch to iOS Topics
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Smart phones such as iPhone can greatly help people especially professionals. Not only are they able to connect to their family and colleagues, they can also keep close track of schedules and notes. This is important for professionals who frequently hit the road and can't bring along their computers. An iPhone is more than just a phone; it can serve as a portable planner and notebook all in one. Through built-in applications and software, one can be able to create notes for important things as well as to create calendar notes for events and various schedules.

Why Need to Delete Notes or Calendar on iPhone?

Nonetheless it's a smart move to delete some data on your iPhone especially on notes and calendars. Why is that important? There are various reasons behind this. First off, some data on these notes and calendars are no longer needed. For example a certain event or not has been taken care of. There's no need for that note to remind you anymore. It's just a way of clearing your phone to make it more organized. You won't be having a hard time finding out which ones are needed and which ones are not.

In addition, some events may have been moved and some notes may have been cancelled. It's another way or organizing your iPhone and helping you out with your work. If you have a proper way of tracking down what you must do, you can work much more efficiently. And even if deleting is a simple work, it can help you become more effective at anything you do.

Now, the solution is fairly simple. Deleting those notes and calendars is easy. There's no need for another app to do the action. Usually on calendars or notes, you can do it through the setting of the phone. However, you can synchronize your phone with your computer or laptop so you can have a backup of the data before that. If you have accidentally deleted something, you can recover it. But that is for another topic. Now let's see how to clear iPhone notes or calendar first.

For Calendar, here are the steps you need to do:

Step 1 - Launch the Calendar app on your iPhone by tapping it on your home screen.

Step 2 - Tap on the "Month" to view the dates by month. Those that have a note or event added will have a small dot beneath the day's date.

Step 3 - You can view the events for the day by simply tapping that date. You can also view the event's details by tapping on the event name.

Step 4 - Tap the "Edit" button.

Step 5 - Tap the "Delete Event" button and confirm the action.

Step 6 (optional) - Repeat steps 3-5 if you want to delete other events on your phone.

For Notes, here is what you should do:

Step 1 - Launch the Note app on your iPhone by tapping it.

Step 2 - Select the note that you want to delete and tap it.

Step 3 - Tap the trash can icon on the bottom of the screen.

Step 4 - There will be a pop-up box that will appear. Tap the "Delete Note" to confirm the action.

Your iPhone data should not stack. It's fairly simple to delete the items so do delete old items to make it easier for you.

Guide to Remove Data from iPhone 6 Plus/6/5S/5C/5/4S/4

If you want to remove your iPhone data in a batch, then I'd like to recommend this Vibosoft iPhone Data Cleaner(Mac) to you. This will help you clear data like contacts, messages, photos, call history, notes and all caches and cookies. First of all, download the program and install it on your computer.



1Install and Launch the Software

Install the program on your computer and then launch it. Link your iPhone to the computer and you'll see a window as follows.

2Select and Scan the Data on iPhone

After clicking the "Quick Clean" option, you will see the below interface. Choose the files as wanted and click the "StartScan" option to continue.

After that, you can click the "Clean" option to clean up the files from iPhone.

Back up Your iPhone Data before Erasing

Backing up the data is necessary in case you need it someday. There are two methods for you to back up the data on iPhone manually.

1) Back up iPhone by iCloud

Make sure that Wi-Fi and its connection with your iPhone are on. Then open the setting option to navigate to storage and backup. It will take a few minutes till your data is backed up.

2) Back up iPhone by iTunes

Connect your iPhone to computer, and then open iTunes and navigate it to "device" on the left panel. Then you can click "backup". And you can hit "transferring purchasing items" to back up the purchasing contents to computer.

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