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Several Clicks to Get Rid of iPod Photo Caches!

Dec. 03, 2015 11:20 am / Posted by Fitch to iOS Topics
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The portable iPod Touch has been widely accepted for its compact size and superior performance. As we all know, iPod touch is more than a MP3 player. Instead, you can directly watch movies on the iPod Touch, you can take photos with this small-sized device. Compared with the heavy digital camera and large-screen mobile phone, this device is more convenient and easy to take.

But with time passing by, more and more files are saved on your iPod Touch, and you will find slower and slower your iPod Touch will run. And sometime, you may even find there is no more space to save more photos. At this time, you have to decide whether to give up the already saved files to free up more space or stop storing any new files. Hard choice to make, right? Now, you won't need to bother anymore! Actually, when you save photos on your iPod, the corresponding photo caches will be constructed and saved on your iPod. Then the precious storage space will be eaten up by these useless files.

Therefore, you will need a professional software like Vibosoft iPod Data Cleaner (Mac) to clean up useless photo caches and other junk files from iPod Touch, so you can speed up your iPod Touch and enjoy better performance.

Every Valid Reason to Clear Photo Caches from iPod Touch

> As a FREE software, it is also powerful enough to detect and clean up all unwanted files like photo caches from iPod Touch in one click.

> Aside from iPod cleaning, this software is also perfectly compatible with iPhone and iPad. With it, you can easily clear crash app logs from iPhone or clean up spotlight search histories from iPad.

> This software empowers you to sweep all unwanted and useless junk files from your iOS devices. Then you can enjoy better performance of your iOS devices.

> It is capable of cleaning up all unnecessary files from your iPod, iPad and iPhone in a fast and safe way, without costing any cent or wasting any extra time.

> As to the safety, you can be fully guaranteed. It will thoroughly clean up all the targeted files without bringing any potential dangers like virus infection.

Now, can you still endure the slower and slower performance of your iPod Touch? If not, just click the below icon to get this FREE software and let it clear photo caches and other junk files from your iPod Touch!



User Guide: How to Get Rid of Photo Caches from iPod Touch

1Connect iPod Touch to Computer

First of all, install the software on the computer and then open it with double clicks. After that, you will see the below interface. Now, just choose the option of "Quick Clean" to continue.

2Select & Preview Files from iPod Touch

In this step, you will see all junk file folders are arranged on the main interface. Choose the "Photo Caches" as you needed and then click "Start Scan" option to preview all the detailed information in the next interface.

3Clean up Photo Caches from iPod Touch

After selecting the files you wish to clean up from iPod Touch, you need to click the option of "Clean" to clear photo caches from iPod Touch. Then on the pop-up window, remember to choose "OK" to confirm your action. By the way, you can also remove other unwanted junk files like App temp files from iPod Touch.

Bonus Here: If you mistakenly deleted important files from your iPod Touch, don't worry! You can rely on this powerful Vibosoft iPod Data Recovery software to recover lost files from iPod Touch. You can also use this software to regain important files from your iOS devices.

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