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Surprise is Greater than the Disappointment --- Apple iPad Air

Oct. 22, 2013 16:27 pm / Posted by Fitch to iOS Topics
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Apple announced the iPad Air, October 22 in San Francisco at the company's annual unveiling event,officially released the fifth generation, the name is not the iPad 5 which was expected before, but the iPad Air. According to the order of the conference, first of all the author brings you an introduction of the Air. Actually before the official start of the product launch, all agreed that the new device will be named as 5. But in order to highlight the thin characteristics of this new product, so this Air was born, this article will review iPad Air case, price.

Apple iPad Air price

About the Industrial Design

Thinner, lighter, and with a more powerful processor. The biggest selling point of the Air, it is the fuselage of industrial design as a whole. As a traditional large size table product, its overall thickness is only 7.5 mm, the overall weight is only one pound, compared to the previous products, it lights by a third. Using narrow bezel design also is definitely a perfect design; the user can through the screen for more content. It also measures an extremely thin 7.5 millimeters (0.29 inch), as opposed to the predecessor's 9.4mm depth (0.37 inch) -- that's a 20 percent slimmer build, if you're keeping count. The bezel is also much narrower, too; 43 percent so, in fact.

In terms of exterior design, the Air also abandoned the previous pure color front panel + metal shell design, adopted "unification" before and after the design. Such a design, although not be an innovation, fuselage overall look is more concise and easy. In terms of color, what can we learn through apple's official website that the Air added no champagne gold color. An impressive feat that you're only likely to notice because you hardly notice it at all. In fact, even though we knew the specs, nothing can prepare you for how light and slim the iPad Air actually feels in real life.

Apple iPad Air thinner

About Hardware Configuration

Air Hardware equipment can be said to be the most disappointing thing, in addition to the screen, camera where these routinely upgrade without any change, the processor has no a qualitative leap, only use the A7 processor as well as the iPhone 5 s. After all, like the Retina screen, iSight camera is still top of the tablet, if you want a breakthrough in these places, it was a difficult. The Air's A7 also comes with the M7 motion coprocessor, which promises graphics that render at twice the rate of the previous iPad. In terms of graphics, that means that this iPad Air is 72 times faster than the original iPad in GPU performance,

In Terms of Battery Life

In terms of battery life, the Air did not do any promotion; the official battery life is still ten hours. But the author thinks that battery life has no ascension is understandable, after all, the main selling point of the Air is thin, increase the battery capacity will no doubt increase the overall thickness and weight of the fuselage. And for most users, 10 hours of battery life has enough.

Write in the End:

If use a word to summarize this conference, the author first thought is "sincerity". Whether the free download policy of software or the strength upgrade of the mini, the conference seems to make us see a completely different an Apple as it has always been.Many people will say that apple has now lost innovation and began to decline, Cook will think of "free" or "price policy" to win consumers' hearts. But the author thinks that, when you do a product perfectly, you will encounter bottlenecks, particularly for apple that had been standing in the tip of the pyramid technology companies. If put aside the hardware factors, actually, we did not see too much place of innovation on both of the new products, but on no account can we deny the idea for both products. The author believes that Apple will bring us to again change the world.

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