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How Can I Convert MOBI Books to PDF Format (Mac/Windows)

Nov 24, 2012 18:27 pm / Posted by Amy to eBooks Topics
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E-book is to use computer technology to record text, images, sound, video and other information, through the way of digital records in light, electricity, magnetic medium device. E-book is on behalf of the people to read digital publications, so as to distinguish it from to paper as the carrier of traditional publications. And with the aid of a specific device it is able to read, copy and transfer. It has brought us much convenience. For instance, we can search for content, change the font size and font. Besides, it’s of large capacity and can be online at any time to download, without being subject to regional restriction. Except that, it has lowered the cost of books and has realized the product zero inventory, global synchronization issue, convenient purchase. Last but not least, it enables us to save paper, reduce the financial burden on the earth and really lower carbon environmental protection.

What's MOBI Format?

A Mobi book is one of the most common eBook formats on the Internet, which is supported by Amazon Kindle and Kindle Fire, Mobipocket Reader and so on. If you own an e-reader on your iPhone, I am sure that you won’t want to read your mobi files on it. PDF is a great file format for printing and sharing documents that don’t require edits. But for ebook reading, it’s not definitely a preferred choice. So a majority of people have come up with an ideal to convert mobi books to PDF. Over the past few years, my classmates and I have amassed a great collection of eBooks, albeit in mobi format. I have recently got myself a tablet and found that reading mobi books on the device is a tiring task. Converting these mobi books to PDF format becomes a necessary task. Mobibook lets you read entire books on your computer or mobile device. Unfortunately, mobibook files can't be used in other eBook readers such as the Apple iPhone, Sony Reader or Nook. So sometimes you may need to convert mobi files to PDF format for better reading and enjoyment.

Try to Create PDF from MOBI Books on Windows and Mac Platform.

Luckily, there is an eBook management program called Vibosoft PDF Creator Windows ( PDF Creator Mac ) that can help convert mobi book files to PDF formats for easy viewing in other eBook readers. Now you won't need to repurchase your old eBooks for a new eBook reader device. This program can be able to load thousands of MOBI files at a time and doesn't crash, there is almost no difference in the quality throughout the entire process.

Get Free Trial Version Here:

PDF Creator Master

Want to create your own PDF files? You can't miss PDF Creator Master program, which offers an easy and less expensive way of creating high-quality PDF documents.

For Windows Users:

For Windows users, after many major updates, this program has been perfectly compatible with all 32bit or 64bix Windows system like: Windows XP/7/8, and all bugs has been completely fixed. This program provides core coding functionality for extracting all layouts from MOBI file structure and rebuilding the PDF file structure. Simple user interfaces will help you finish the whole process within three steps, save your time!

1. Select the conversion settings

2. And specify an output folder,

3. Then ready to convert:

Load files to the program

For Mac users

Vibosoft Studio has announced the release of ePub Converter for Mac OSX, Availability in all Mac OS like: Mac OS X 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6. If you’re a Mac user, please rest assured, you will be shocked by its strong performance, high-efficiency and accuracy, loading thousands of PDFs into the program and doesn't crash, and completely retain all original layouts after conversion.

Write in the End

Vibosoft Epub Converter is designed to provide you with the easiest solution to build your own eBooks. It can help you quickly create a PDF eBook from up to 1000 files in most popular formats at one time. Also it facilitates you to customize book covers, info, layout, tables of contents to make your eBook personalized. After finishing your own eBook, you can add it to Adobe Digital Editions immediately, and then publish, share it, or read it on your favorite e-Reader. The output PDF files will be as same as your original mobi file. There is no change of the original factors, including images, text, tables, hyperlinks, etc. So next time you have something essential to read on your device, you don’t have to get anxious about the improper format because Vibosoft ePub Creator Windows Version and Mac Version will give you a hand.

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