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Transfer Contacts from Windows Phone to iPhone

May. 21, 2015 10:37 am / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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The Windows Phone mobile operating system from Microsoft occupies the third position on the list of popular mobile operating systems after Android and Apple iOS. Given that the Apple app store is more robust than the Windows Phone app store there is bound to be a substantial number of smart phone users making the shift from Windows to Apple iOS. Furthermore, the release of the iPhone 6, which has been taunted as the best smart phone in the world, has prompted many to transit from Windows Phone to iPhone. The prospect of shifting from a Windows Phone device to an iPhone is always an exciting one. Unfortunately, it is not devoid of difficulties, especially for persons who have accumulated a substantial number of contacts on their phones.

Method 1: The need to transfer contacts from Windows Phone to iPhone will always arise when shifting from the former to the latter. The first step is to back up all contacts on the Windows Phone. Microsoft allows for backing up of contacts using Hotmail, Outlook and Live.com. To back up contacts to either of these Microsoft accounts, access the "People App" on the Windows Phone, and tap on the "settings" tab located at the bottom of the app. 

At the bottom of the settings menu is the "accounts" tab, below this tab, click on the "add an account" tab. On the "add account" menu select the "Microsoft account" option and then enter the login details of either a Hotmail or Outlook account. All contacts saved on the Windows phone will be moved to the new Microsoft account created. If the windows phone is not set up to sync contacts, the alternative is to save the contacts in the Windows Live account or upload them through the OneDrive.

Once the contacts have been backed up using one of Microsoft's Cloud services or accounts, they can be accessed from an iPhone. Therefore to transfer contacts from Windows Phone to iPhone one will need to access their Microsoft account using their new iPhone. To do this open the main settings menu of the iPhone and select the "mail, contacts, calendar" option. On the new menu that pops up select the "add account" option. Next, select "Outlook.com" on the "add account" menu and log in using the relevant information i.e account email address and password. It is possible to login in to a Windows Live Account using the "outlook.com" selection. This same process is applicable with a Microsoft Exchange account.

The iPhone will automatically sync all the data backed up once the account has been activated. If this does not happen, access the account and ensure that the sliders next to the contacts data are active. 

Method 2: The above transfer contacts from Windows Phone to iPhone procedure works when contacts are saved in the phone memory. If the contacts are stored in the SIM card, the alternative to this process is to remove the SIM card from the Windows Phone and insert it in to the iPhone and import the contacts to the iPhone. This process works only if the contacts are saved on the SIM card.

Method 3: The two methods above can be confusing to some users somehow, so here we prefer to introduce the easier way to help users transfer contacts from Windows Phone to iPhone. This method needs a third-party tool - Vibosoft Mobile Transfer. It can simplify the steps to make the transferring process. With it, all the contacts on Windows Phone can be exported to iPhone in one click. It is compatible with all models of Windows Phone and iPhone such as Nokia Lumia 1520/980/521/520 and iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/5C/6/6 Plus, etc. Besides, it supports other devices with Android, Symbian and BlackBerry operating systems. Now you can download a free trial version to have a try.

Mobile Transfer

Mobile Transfer helps users freely share photos, videos, contacts, messages, call logs and more between any two smart mobile devices.

Guide to Copy Contacts between Windows Phone and iPhone

1Download, Install and Launch the Program on PC

Download, install and launch the program on your computer and then connect the Windows Phone and iPhone to PC. On the interface, choose the "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode and the program will detect the devices.

Note: Make sure the iTunes has been installed on your computer already or the software won't recognize your iPhone.

2Transfer Contacts from Windows Phone to iPhone

Then you can tick the "Contacts" category and hit the "Start Copy" button to transfer the contacts list from Windows Phone to iPhone. When this process is done, you can transfer other files like music, videos and photos and more between these two smart phones.

Note: If the Windows Phone is not put in the source area after the detection, you can click the "Flip" button on the menu to switch their positions.

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