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Easy Way to Transfer Android Apps to New Phone

Sep 05, 2016 14:30 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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After doing all you can to speed up your old Android device, it still runs slow. You may consider updating your old device to a new phone, which is just a matter of purchasing a new phone. But have you ever thought about the saved files on your old Android phone? For example, how do you plan to deal with those useful Android apps? Why not transfer Android apps to new phone?

Okay. Now, just start to sync apps from Android to new phone one by one via Bluetooth? Actually, that's not a wise choice. Here, this passage tells you an easy way on how to transfer Android apps to new phone, without wasting too much time. That is, by means of this Vibosoft FoneTransfer(Mac) software, which allows you to sync apps from Android to new phone in a direct way. All files like contacts, messages, photos, music, videos, apps and many more can be supported by this software. Best of all, this software is fully compatible with all devices running Android, iOS and Symbian systems. So you can freely sync apps from Android to new phone, be it another Android phone, iPhone or Symbian phone. It offers you simple user interface, so you can easily transfer Android apps to new phone within a few clicks!

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FoneTransfer for Mac

FoneTransfer helps users freely share photos, videos, contacts, messages, call logs and more between any two smart mobile devices.

Tutorial to Transfer Android Apps to New Phone

First of all, get the two mobile phones connected to the computer via the USB cords and then open the installed software on the computer. It will automatically detect your device and then show you the below interface where you need to choose the Phone to Phone Transfer mode to continue the process.

Then hit the Start option to go on. Then, this software will detect your device and display all the file tabs on the main interface as pictured in the below. All tabs are arranged on the top panel. You can then enter the Apps tab to preview more detailed file information and select the wanted files by ticking them out.

After selecting the wanted apps, hit the right or left arrow direction to transfer Android apps to new phone in one click. With this Vibosoft FoneTransfer(Mac) software, it is just a piece of cake to sync apps from Android to new phone! So what are you waiting for? Just get the right version and then start the apps transfer from Android to another mobile device!

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