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How to Transfer Apps from Android to Windows Phone?

Jun 12, 2015 13:45 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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There are a number of reasons why you'd want to transfer apps from an Android phone to a Windows Phone. Maybe a friend needs a copy of that app into their Windows smartphone, and so you're burdened with the task of transferring that app. If not, then maybe you have two phones; one running on an Android platform yet another one running on Windows OS. You want to be able to enjoy the convenience of that app on your windows phone too. 

If you're not using Wi-Fi at the moment, never attempt to make this transfer via the Internet. Reason being, this process will eat up your precious data pack. Again, if you're trying to initiate this transfer of files when your Internet is down, you'll be frustrated for no reason. So what then? How do you carry on with the task efficiently and without incurring additional costs?

Of course there's an easy way and a hard way of approaching this matter. The easy way is to find a computer and connect the two devices. When you've done that, you'll simply copy-paste the app from Android to Windows, that's it. However, there's still some challenge with this step, and especially if the destination device is running on Windows 8 rather than Windows 8.1. The problem is that Windows 8 makes it a little harder to access such files in it, so this is a real problem you're going to face. 

But if the other phone is running Windows 8.1, then you realize that the platform offers an automatic file management system which makes it easier to access apps/files once they've been transferred therein. The best part of it is that the adoption of Windows 8.1 is growing so fast, so most likely you won't experience any problem if you're doing this for the first time.

There are instances when you might not have a computer near you. So to get the task done, you'll use an app called Feem. Of course Android still has many other options for transferring files, but Feem can do this job especially if you're working with a Windows device. 

These are the steps on how to transfer apps from Android to Windows Phone

Step 1: The first step is to ensure the app Feem is available on both Android and Windows Phone devices. This means you're going to download the app on both phones so the devices can communicate.

Step 2: Ensure both devices can access a Wi-Fi network at the time of downloading this app. The goal is to save on your data bundles. 

Step 3: Begin running Feem on both devices at the same time.

Step 4: Be patient as the app scans devices on the network. At the end of the scanning process, the app should list down all the devices it found on the network.

Step 5: To initiate the file transfer process, tap the right arrow on the left side of the screen.

Step 6: You should end up with a list of folders towards the right side of the screen. Your job is to identify the app you want to send from Android to Windows. 

However, Feem is still not able to automatically run on Windows' background, so the app will ask you to confirm its status at all times. Many people find this annoying, so here we recommend the other way that's better - using this – Vibosoft Mobile Transfer. As a standalone third-party program, it's designed for transferring apps, contacts, music, videos and photos, etc. between any two smartphones. Therefore, you can transfer apps from Android to Windows Phone with no hassle.

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Mobile Transfer

Mobile Transfer helps users freely share photos, videos, contacts, messages, call logs and more between any two smart mobile devices.

User Guide to Copy Apps from Android Phone to Windows Phone

1Launch the Program and Link Devices to PC

First of all, launch the software after the installation. Then connect both of your Android and Windows phones to the computer via USB cables. On the interface, choose the "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode and continue.

2Transfer Apps from Android to Windows Phone

Then the software will detect your devices and set them as the source and destination devices. To make sure you can smoothly transfer apps from Android to Windows Phone, you need to confirm that the Android phone is in the source area. To achieve this, you can click the "Flip" button to exchange their positions.

At last, you can select the "Apps" folder and click the "Start Copy" button to transfer apps from Android to Windows Phone freely.

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