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Ready for Copying LG Photos to iPhone 6S?

Sept 17,2015 09:20 am / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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For Apple fans, the biggest news in September is that they will have access to the newest iPhone 6S/6S Plus soon. There is no denying that Apple products have been extremely popular among the mobile users. But on one hand, you can't wait to change your old LG phone into the newest iPhone 6S; on the other hand, you are puzzled about how to transfer the precious photos from LG phone to your iPhone 6S. Here, this passage will tell you how to transfer LG photos to iPhone 6S so you can fully enjoy your new mobile phone. Of course, to successfully complete the photos transfer from LG to iPhone, there are two possible ways for your reference.

Way One: Using the USB cord

Sounds easy, right? You just need to connect your LG and iPhone 6S to the computer, then select the photos that you want to transfer from LG phone to iPhone 6S and start the transfer process. But, before that, you have to make sure that you have installed the iTunes on your iPhone 6S, or otherwise the photo transfer will not be successful. What's worth your further attention is that you have to know when faced with an ocean of photos, you have to be fully prepared for the snail-crawling speed. Unless you have a full day to wait for the photo transfer to complete, I would suggest you had better give up this idea!

Way Two: Using Third-Party Software

The way introduced above is possible but not that feasible. Confronted with many photos like thousands of photos, you are suggested to choose a handy third-party software to help you at your hand. Here, you can have a try of Move to iOS, which was recently released by the Apple to help Android mobile users to transfer their files like photos from Android to iPhone. But before starting this software, make sure that you have Android version 4.0 or later; make sure that the files you are moving will fit on your iOS device; make sure that the Wi-Fi is on; make sure that you have update to the latest version of Chrome on your Android device if you want to transfer your Chrome bookmarks. Now, you can click teh below button and get the software for free!

The limitation in this Move to iOS App is that it can only transfer files from Android to iPhone and can't support all Android versions. So, if you want to freely transfer files between LG phone and iPhone, you can try another professional software - Vibosoft Mobile Transfer, which was developed by Vibosoft Studio to help users freely transfer files between Android and iPhone. With this software, you are able to transfer a large amount of photos from LG to iPhone within a few simple clicks. You don't have to wait for a long time. Most importantly, this software can suit all types of Android phones and all iDevices.

Here, you can click the below button and have a try of this software. It won't let you down!

FoneTransfer for Mac

FoneTransfer helps users freely share photos, videos, contacts, messages, call logs and more between any two smart mobile devices.

Guide on How to Copy Photos from LG to iPhone 6S

1Link LG & iPhone to Computer

After installing and opening the software on the computer, you need to link your LG and iPhone to computer. Soon, this software will detect your phones and you will see the below interface.

2Copy Photos from LG to iPhone

Now, you can click the "Photos" tab on the LG phone and tick the photos that you want to copy to iPhone and then just touch the right arrow direction icon to start the photo transfer. Within a few seconds, you will see the wanted photos appearing on your iPhone.

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