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Transfer Contacts, SMS, Photos from Amoi to Computer

Apr. 24, 2014 09:32 am / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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Why Do We Need Backup Contacts, Messages, Pictures, Videos to PC?

As you know, mobile phone is used for more than making phone calls or sending text messages, we can take photos, watch movies by running it. Particularly, with the booming of smart phone, like Amoi phone which uses Android operating system, we are able to log onto social networking websites such as Facebook and MySpace, or download various apps via Amoi mobile phone whenever we want. Nowadays, mobile phone has been providing us with more ways to communicate with each other, therefore the importance of smart phone on our daily life and work can not be ignored.

However, electronic products are always sophisticated but fragile. In general, there is few effective method that can absolutely guarantee the normal usage of Amoi smart phone without losing files all of a sudden, apart from using it with special caution. Further more, the operational life of mobile phones is usually limited, then your cell phone will stop working within several years, and you need to purchase a new one. Under these circumstances, what about those significant info on our old phone? Well, many users may have thought of transferring them to computer as a backup, so that we can easily copy them to the new phone. This solution is practical. Even when you lose, break or format your Amoi phone, your precious data can be still accessible on PC.

While, it is pretty easy to export photos and movies from Amoi mobile phone to computer via a USB cable. But how can we backup contacts and text messages to PC? It seems not that simple. For the sake of privacy and security, contacts and messages are always saved on the internal memory of our mobile phone or the SIM card, where are forbidden to be accessed on computer without a third-party program. In this situation, this Vibosoft Amoi Mobile Manager can help solve your problem effectively. With it, you can preview all files of your Amoi smart phone on computer. Then you are enabled to transfer all contacts, messages, photos, movies or any file on your Amoi phone to PC in a batch. That is perfectly time-saving. In addition, this program can work as management software as well. By launching it, you can add, delete or edit files of your Amoi phone on computer at will. And you can freely download, install and uninstall apps as you like. What’s more, this Amoi Mobile Manager can also allow you to send messages to others on PC by acting as a SMS assistant.

This program is indeed functional, right? Now you can download one to give it a try, then you will find that this software is both powerful and effective.

Android Mobile Manager

Android Mobile Manager enables you to backup everything on Android smart phone to the computer with simple operations. You can't miss it.

How to Export Contacts, SMS Messages, Photos, Videos from Amoi to Computer

1Run the Software, Connect Amoi Phone to PC

To begin with, download, install and operate this program on your computer according to instructions. Then connect your Amoi smart phone to computer via USB. If you have opened USB debugging on your phone, this program will detect your device automatically. If not, you can follow the steps on the interface to enable USB debugging.

Install the program

2Install USB Driver, Scan Amoi Phone

If your Amoi cell phone has been identified by the program successfully, this software will install USB driver on PC immediately. After this, it will start to scan your phone data deeply. Soon you will get the whole files of your Amoi smart phone on computer.

install USB drive

3Preview and Transfer Files to PC as Needed

Now you can freely preview any file on your Amoi phone as you want. If you want to backup contacts and messages to computer, you should enter the "Contacts" folder, and then select and mark your needed contacts or SMS. At last, press the "Export" button. While, if you are going to export photos or movies to PC, you should touch the "Photo" or "Video" option on the panel. After choosing your wanted files, you can export them to computer in a batch.

Preview Contacts

Write in the End:

After reading the above guide, you will know that this Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager is very easy to operate. As I've mentioned before, this program is functional and effective. If you want to send text messages to your friends by working this software, you should find the "Send" icon on the "Contacts" area. Meanwhile, you can also get some options, such as "New", "Delete", "Refresh", etc. which can help you add, delete and edit contacts whenever you need. What are you waiting for? Just download it to have a try by yourself.

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