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How to Print Out Text Messages from Motorola Phone

Dec 26 ,2013 13:43 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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Motorola is a classic brand for the new generation of the mobile phone industry now, and consumers strongly agree with the fact that Motorola becomes more and more popular in these years according to their common senses and everyday shopping experience. Motorola is always following the requirement of customers. Although it has been possible to infer from the goods and services actually produced what Motorola and the servicing trade thought the customers of Motorola wanted. Only the concept of continuous improvement will Motorola win more market share in the intense competition of smart phone market. This is really a great accomplishment in the Motorola marketing strategy, so that the link between customers and Motorola is certain.

Why We Need Print Out SMS Messages

It is probable that you have saved hundreds of text messages on mobile phone. Some of them are so important to you, which may be sent by your boss or your best friends that you just want to keep them forever. However, the memory space of an Android phone is limited. So if you want to keep all text messages or you need to print out the most important text messages for commercial use as a businessman, you can choose a kind of software to help solve your problems. There is a powerful assistant software of smart phone designed for you, and it is almost flawless.

This Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager is the right tool which can help you print out text messages from Motorola smart phone. The traditional way is to email your text messages to yourself one at a time. As you can go into your smart phone, and forward text messages to your email address instead of a phone number, or transfer all texts through Bluetooth to system, then you can print them out via printer. However, if you try this Android Mobile Manager, you can easily solve your problem, as it can help you save text messages to PC, then you can freely print out them on computer. So don't hesitate to let the Android Mobile Manager come to your life.

Android Mobile Manager

Android Mobile Manager enables you to backup everything on Android smart phone to the computer with simple operations. You can't miss it.

4 Steps to Print Off Text Messages from Motorola Phone

1Connect Motorola to PC, and Enable USB Debugging

Run this program after downloading and installing it on PC. Then connect your Motorola device via USB. In order to detect your phone smoothly, this program will show you how to enable USB debugging on your device. You can make settings on your Motorola phone as those steps on the menu.

Install the program

2Install USB Driver on PC

After enabling USB debugging on your mobile phone, this program will successfully identify your phone, and then automatically install USB driver on PC.

Note: In this step, you should make sure the network is available. In addition, please choose "Allow" when this program asks for super user authorization on your Motorola.

install USB drive

3Scan and Preview Your Phone Data

This program will automatically scan your phone data after above process, and then you can an interface as follows. Detailed info of your phone are displayed on the panel, including Model, State, System Version, Power, etc. What's more, the whole files of your Motorola are listed one by one, such as Apps, Music, Photo, Video, Book, Contacts, and so on. Press the "Contacts" button, you can preview all contacts and text messages completely.

main panel

4Selectively Export and Print Out Your SMS Messages

Click the "All SMS" option on the left panel, you can scan all text messages with name, date, time, contents. What's more, choose "Inbox" or "Outbox", you can preview texts that are sent from others or by yourself. Pick out your needed texts and hit "Backup", those selected messages will be copied to your PC as .XLS format, then you can print them out as you want.

preview text messages

Write in the End:

After the above introduction, you should have learned a lot about this program. By the way, it is compatible with all models of Android phones, no matter you own a Samsung, HTC or Sony Android phone, you can use this program to settle your problems. As this Vibosoft Motorola Mobile Manager is so powerful, you can't miss it. Just download one and have a try!

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