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Download Photos & Movies Between Sharp and Computer

Feb. 14, 2014 10:16 am / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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Today, Japanese electronics is emblematic of the electronics being proud of this country's business. Product quality, particularly in the construction of electrical appliances is not only the quality of the relationship between corporate reputations, is also related to the market share. Upon taking pictures issue, Sharp phone quality is reliable and the operation is stable compare with other brands as it uses import famous brands of electric and pneumatic fittings. Sharp phone adopts CCD as its main digital imaging device, which a silicon-based integrated circuit converts light energy into an electronic charge. Of course, CCD performance in taking photos is much better than COMs. Ultra gorgeous Sharp screen and ultra-thin fashion renovates the design that is so beckoning to the users. Nowadays, the device incorporate a Sharp-made touch-screen which is much fashionable than before. Equipped with such perfect camera lens, Sharp phone are widely used to take photos and videos wherever and whenever users need. Through exploring the limits of the light and exposure within the camera as well as large panoramic printings, users aim to capture the emotional experience of fantastic motion in every image.

So users always feel that there's too much graphic piled up in their mobile phone. It's also a good time to sort photos and anything else that has accumulated over the other months of the year when users download them from mobile to their PC. This Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager is software that helps users to import and export data from mobile phone to PC. Searching and downloading images and movies with this application goes fast and easy.

What's the Android Mobile Manager?

Simply connecting to USB port, users can personalize their phone's display using any of the preset wallpaper images, or download photos that they just take on the way home and even movies on the Internet in the office. As Sharp phone also feature Optical Image Stabilization technology, which helps to dramatically reduce or eliminate blurring caused by minute motions caused by the user, sometimes users do not bother to edit them on PC after downloading photos from mobile phones. With excellent Sharp screen, most of users prefer to watch movies with Sharp cell phone, as it is said in the news, almost all young fellows are willing to be "dropping head" that means always on their phones or watching movies on a mobile phone. In this case, with this Android Mobile Manager, Sharp Phone supports to healthy download films from the Internet, computer and tablet while even users are making a call.

After the above introduction, you must have known better about this program. Now you can download a free trial version below, then give it a try by yourself on PC. One thing to note is that this program has two versions, please choose the right one according to your computer system.

Android Mobile Manager

Android Mobile Manager enables you to backup everything on Android smart phone to the computer with simple operations. You can't miss it.

How to Export Photos and Videos Between Sharp FX and Computer/PC

1Launch the Program and Link Sharp Phone to Computer

Firstly, open this program with double click after downloading and installing it on PC successfully. Then connect your Sharp mobile phone to computer via USB. Wait for a while, you will see an interface as shown below. You should follow the steps to enable USB debugging on your Sharp device, so that the software will detect your phone smoothly.

Install the program

2Install USB Driver and Get Sharp Phone Scanned

After identifying your mobile phone, this program will automatically install USB driver on your PC( see picture). This process will last for a few minutes, please be patient. After that, it will start to scan your phone data thoroughly, and all files on your phone will be listed one by one.

install USB drive

3Preview and Share Photos & Movies as You Like

According to the main menu, all files are divided into several folders, including Apps, Music, Photo, Video, Book, and so on. If you want to copy pictures from Sharp phone to computer, or conversely transfer photos from PC to Sharp cell phone, you need to enter the "Photo" folder first. Then you can preview the whole pictures on your phone. Next you will see several options on the top of your photos, such as "Import", "Export", "Delete", etc. These buttons are to help you freely share photos between your Sharp phone to computer or directly delete pictures on PC. By the way, choose "Select All", you will be enabled to export or delete all photos at one time. In the same way, you can copy videos between Sharp cell phone and computer without any restriction.

Write in the End:

Sometimes, for older generation, they complain that phone screens are just too small to support sustained work. What they demand is full-screen or TV screen to display photos or movies as large as possible. Surely, it is no problem for Sharp Phone to download data to computer. Users have to pay attention to their SD card in mobile as they may miss some chances in downloading photos or movies if the memory card is full. Otherwise, their favorite files need to be refreshed in mobile phone.

How about this Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager program? With it, you will be able to share everything between your mobile phone and computer. That's totally convenient. What are you waiting for? Just download it and freely transfer any picture or video between your Sharp phone and computer.

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