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Transfer Contacts & SMS from Sharp FX to Computer

Feb. 13, 2014 18:42 pm / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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Although there have been performance boosting technologies implemented on the single core architecture in Sharp FX, many users still complain processor speed that is quite a bit slower than other brand smart phones. Some users did experience a few crashes after they bought new Sharp FX phone. On a positive note, however, the new feature sets are existing 3D format which can convert into video for viewing. Using Sharp mobile phone has a couple of other advantages such as well-equipped, more fashionable and have low prices compared to foreign brands, especially cross-platform, which means you can execute some script on any operating system that runs Java code. For casual users, needless to say, some goals should be realistic and not some imaginary goals to be easily for common users to apply, for example, transferring contacts information, text messages from Sharp FX phone to computer. Transferring contacts tasks is a fairly simple procedure with an assistant program, and it would also be nice to transfer text messages completely to PC, as well as emails, calendar.

At the last count, mobile assistant software was on more than 300 different phones and tablets around the world. When users try to install it, the smart phone will ask you to grant permission for the application to send SMS messages, read or delete data and collect the data from mobile phone. So once you connect mobile phone to your PC via USB, the PC automatic show and check new hardware, users can install it following the instruction showing in the pictures and then assistant application is displayed on the PC. From now on, mobile and PC take note to capture contact information and text messages that users prefer to transfer between them. It is a convenient tool for businessman and everyone since it saves time of transferring data when users are too busy doing it on the traveling period.

Now I'd like to introduce you the best assistant program - Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager, which enables you to share contacts and text messages to computer without any limitation. Here is a free trial version, you can download it and have a try first.

Android Mobile Manager

Android Mobile Manager enables you to backup everything on Android smart phone to the computer with simple operations. You can't miss it.

How to Copy Contacts, SMS Messages from Sharp FX to Computer/PC

1Run the Program and Connect Sharp FX to PC

To begin with, connect your Sharp device to computer via a USB cable. Then open this program on your PC with double click. Wait for a while, you will get an interface as following. This picture is to remind you to enable USB debugging on your Sharp FX phone, so that this program will be able to detect your phone successfully.

Install the program

After detecting your Sharp FX device, this program will automatically install USB driver on PC( see picture). A few minutes later, this program will start to scan your phone data deeply.

install USB drive

2Selectively Backup Contacts and SMS to PC

As soon as this program finishes scanning your Sharp FX phone, you can see all files shown on the main menu. Now enter the "Contacts" folder first, you will preview all contacts and SMS on your phone. Click "All contacts", the whole contact list will be displayed one by one. Then pick out your needed contacts and mark them. At last, press "Export", you will be able to export all wanted contacts to computer in a short time. In the same way, you also can copy SMS messages from Sharp FX to PC soon.

Write in the End:

It is said that more than 70 per cent users text their friends and family by mobile phone, while only 30 per cent use email as their primary means of contact. Most of time, when they receive an urgent message, users often immediately create information for replying. After all, we are all professional writers in this era of texting and blogging. So, the best way to keep all messages is to transfer them to PC to make edition, delete, tracing back or recheck. Sometimes, users find surprisingly that some messages needed to respond may be overlooked at all. I would like to take example that someone sends you new contact data as text in a message, but you may forget copying page each line to your Address Book in your cell phone.

Same as importing and exporting messages from mobile phone, flexible contact list management including searching, adding, removing and renaming contacts can be well done by users PC. This Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager program will be very useful if users don't want to lose contacts and text messages at any time, or if they just want to get a fresh list of contacts in their phone.

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