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Transfer Music from iPod Touch/Nano/Shuffle to Computer

Nov 18, 2012 18:27 pm / Posted by Fitch to iOS Topics
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iPod Redefined the Standard of the Digital Music Player

New ultra-thin iPod redefined again the standard of the digital music player, it becomes the most popular player and welcomed by young people. In fact it weighs less than two CD and it can store up to 1000 songs, thousands of digital images and personal voice recording. Recently Apple once again attracted the attention of portable digital music player market; the iPod 4th generation again occupied market leading position with indisputable superior functionality and impressive design. New iPod 4th generation redesigned the entire touch interface to enhance durability and sensitivity In order to see more clearly under the condition of bad light.

Why I cannot Copy Music from iPod to Personal Computer

Although Apple's iTunes done an excellent job in the field of managing music and automatic synchronization, but in the opposite direction, namely send songs or files from iPod player to computer for windows 7/8. The function of the iTunes provided is very limited. It was extreme rigorous in this respect because the feature of copying iPod involved many copyright issues and concern Apple's benefit.

There are many user tend to backup their songs from iPod to their computer, but in fact Apple has make it difficult and provides you with only one-way synchronization of music from computer to iPod devices in order to protect the copyrights of the songs stored on iPod and reduce piracy, In reality, one of the most possible reasons is Apple use this limited approach to boom their online store sales.

Legitimate Reasons to Transfer Songs from iPod to Computer Windows 7/8

It is incomprehensible and unacceptable that Apple has unilaterally taken action to tightly control in an attempt that people want to get their legitimate share of the music they purchased. In reality, there are a large number of legitimate reasons why users want to copy music from iPod back to their computer:

Sharing purchased songs with families, closed friends.
Recover from a catastrophic system failure.
Wanna transfer a large library to a new computer.
Something wrong with iTunes program.
Reload library on local hard disk.

How to Transfer Songs from iPod 4th/Touch/Nano/Shuffle to Computer Windows 7/8

Indeed, as you can see, there are really plenty of law-abiding, upright reasons that people want to backup iPod music to computer. But we can still have legitimate solution to move songs from iPod to our computer, before this, it is important to understand how iPad device save the media files because it can help us to choose a suitable method. Unlike other portable player, iPod devices use database form to store the media files, and iTunes use a hidden path structure which can transfer contents to iPod devices, and the main information of Database is from the label information in the media files, such as the songs name, author, and type. This information is stored in the media file itself.

Fortunately, now there is a third-party applications Vibosoft iPad/iPhone/iPod to Computer Transfer, that can read the database directly and transfer purchased or downloaded songs from iPod to your computer, it is also available for iPhone and iPad and be capable of transferring the entire files (music, photos, videos, TV shows, books, memo, playlist) from iOS device to computer without losing any data. You can try it below.

iPhone/iPad/iPod to Computer Transfer

This software helps you transfer all files (photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, calendar, voice memos, books, etc.) from iOS devices to the computer with zero quality loss.

1Install the Program and Plug iPod to PC via USB

Assume that you have successfully installed this program, then launch it, and connect your iPod device to computer via USB cable. NOTE: Make sure you have installed iTunes program on your computer, but no need run it. This application will automatically recognize the device and display device information. If it failed to detect your iPod device, just hit "Rescan" button to search again.

First step, install the program

2Export iPod Music to Personal Computer Windows 7/8

The program will take 2 - 3 seconds to read the content of your iPod and be displayed in well-organized categories as Music, Photos, Playlists, Videos, Contacts, Camera Roll and more...If you stored too many songs, try the new feature "Search" to find the desired songs quickly. Next step: you can export all songs only by clicking the "Playlist" in the left sidebar or select certain music file in the right list.

select the files you want

Then press the "Export" button to export all the music files to your computer, you're allowed to make specified location in your computer or keep the default location, you'll be asked to select one export mode, choose to export music to your computer disk or iTunes completely according to your needs.

It should be transferred successfully to your computer disk after you perform the steps above; you can import the transferred music files into your favorite media player and will be playable or shared without any restrictions. If you accidentally deleted a few tracks from your main iTunes library, you can load the songs into your Apple iTunes. This all-in-one iPhone/iPad/iPod Transfer app is a sure-fire solution to backup your purchased music from iPod to computer windows 7/8 platform.

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