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How to Recover Deleted Notes from iPhone/iPad/iPod

Jan. 26, 2015 09:50 am / Posted by Fitch to iOS Topics
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Quick Start: Two Recovery Modes:

Mode 1: Directly recover Notes from iPhone,iPad and iPod( without iTunes backup)

Mode 2: Scan and Extract lost Notes from iTunes backup( without iDevice)

iPhone Notes is a great application built in iOS devices that make it possible to shorthand your temporary information, capture your random thoughts, and even record every detail in your life. Although the iPhone and iPad already come with a notepad, but the notes and other files stored in your iPhone devices may be gone due to a variety of reasons, such as: deleted by accident, failed to jailbreak or restore the factory default settings. If you're unlucky enough to come upon one of these dangerous cases and your important notes were gone.

Please must be calm, with Vibosoft iPhone Notes recovery program, it is still impossible to recover your lost notes from your iPhone, iPad or iPod device without loss any contents, Of course it could not be better if you sync iPhone to your iTunes before or backup to iCloud, because the "Extract" feature built-in the program also can be able to restore notes or other files from your old backup files without iOS devices.

Take a Brief Glance at Vibosoft iPhone Data Recovery
One want to achieve perfection must sharpen the tools; maybe most of people were not clear that Apple device was built with NANA Flash Memory to store and process the data, commonly used HHD recovery software does not recognize iPhone storage media, let alone recover iPhone notes. But Vibosoft iPhone Notes Recovery program, it has done a great job of recovering deleted Notes from iPhone, iPad and iPod device directly without backup files. Meanwhile, if you sync to iTunes before, this program also will give you full ability to extract previous backup files from iTunes.


iDataRescuer is a powerful program to help users easily recover lost data from iPhone/iPad/iPod device or iTunes backup file without any loss.

Key Features:

1. Only a few clicks to restore lost notes from iPhone 5, 4s, 4, iPad and iPod devise
In addition to the Notes, it could retrieve more than 17+ files from iOS device, including: contacts, SMS, photos, movies, call history, reminder and more…

2. Two recovery modes: one: scan your device and directly recover from them, the other one: restore your old backup files.

3. Preview the founded files and recover them selectively.

Two Ways: Restore Notes from iPhone/iPad/iPod or iTunes Backup Files

Actually, some users didn't sync to iTunes and may need to directly restore notes from their iOS devices without backup file, and there are other users need to extract old backup files for Notes. So, to deal with different types of users, the program has successfully integrated two recovery modes into one. Read this following tutorial and choose the correct recovery mode as you really need, we take iPhone as an example.

Mode 1: Retrieve Notes from iDevice Directly

1Connect iPhone to Computer and Run Program

It is suggested to firstly connect your iPhone to computer, (If you open the program prior to connecting iDevice, it will start looking for it immediately and may conclude nothing is connected.). After connect it successfully, then install Vibosoft iPhone Note Recovery program, it is totally compatibly with Windows 7, 8 system, the step by step setup wizard will make the whole process easily understood.

install vibosoft iphone contacts recovery tool

Note: Use this mode; you need to set your iPhone into DFU mode before scanning.

2Start to Scan iPhone and Recover Deleted Notes

It will automatically scan your iPhone NAND storage and the whole scanning process will be finished within seconds depend on size of your data. After scanning, all the found data will be listed in well-organized categories, select the file you want to recover and hit the "Recover" to start.

scan iphone and preview


Mode 2: Extract iPhone Notes from iTunes Backup

1Scan the Backup File:

To perform this mode, you must ensure that you've synced your iPhone to iTunes before. Click the "Recover from iTunes Backup File", it will automatically scan all iOS devices backup files if possible, if there are many backup file found in the program, just highlight the one you want and click "Start Scan"...

extract iPhone 4/4s/5 contacts from backup file

2Preview the Notes and Recover iPhone Notes Selectively:

After a short scanning, all contents will be displayed as well-organized categories like: contacts, message, photos, movies and more... When you click the "Notes" option on the left-hand list, the Notes details will show on the right-hand side. It's very humanizing.

scan iphone and preview

Words in the End:

Most of the applications on iPhone device really enrich and improve all of our lives, and it also would be great work assistant. iPhone Notes is a great application built in iOS devices that make it possible to shorthand your temporary information, capture your random thoughts, and even record every detail in your life. Once you lost Notes: Vibosoft iPhone Data Recovery for Windows will be your best choice to grasp them.

There are a lot of practical features that didn't mention in the article, waiting for you to discover. You can try the "search" to find your desired Note if too many, you're allowed to preview the found files in real-time and more...

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