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How to View iPhone Text Messages on Computer (PC/Mac)

Nov 18, 2012 18:27 pm / Posted by Fitch to iOS Topics
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Text messaging is a dependent modern convenience which people use to keep in contact with friends and families. Although texting is usually done through cell phones, sometimes we also have such need reading iPhone text messages from the computer.

Why We Need to Read iPhone Text Messages on PC

For a lot of touch screen mobile phone users, screen breakdown is likely to be so particularly common things that we should come as no surprise. If the screen suffers much from the breakdown, we probably can not use it. It was not long before that one of my roommates experienced this kind of tragedy. She put her iPhone in the bag when she went shopping with friends. But when backing school, she found that the iPhone screen was broken, and cannot be used any more. Since then, she could not receive any call or text message, nor could she get in touch with others. In this situation, we may miss a lot of information if someone send us important messages, and it is indeed inconvenient.

Another example, when going out, we always tend to protect our phone, pocket, money, bank card or other precious belongings from being stolen. But thieves are all around, there is still possible to lose our goods. By sheer luck telecommunication business lobby allows us to report the loss of the SIM card while the is missing. For the two cases, we can only view text messages on computer by SIM card to grasp our personal information.

How to Preview iPhone Text Messages on PC

iPhones use SQLite3 data to realize message storage, so that we can use SQLite3 database for direct operation to clean up the junk messages. With the SQLite database is stored as a ".db" file, it is available and you can view your text messages on your computer. But you must have a jailbroken iPhone, because unjailbroken iPhones are unable to achieve that. Then you may say that iTunes takes a backup of the files, however, you have no access to iTunes backups.

So, what is the problem? I assert that quite a number of users don't have their iPhone jailbroken. So SQLite3 can't settle the matter. Here Vibosoft iPhone Backup Extractor (iPhone Backup Extractor for Mac) helps you solve the most urgent needs to view text messages on computer. It must have the capacity as below:
- It works for SMS and iMessages for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
- You shall quickly read text messages from your iTunes backup of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.
- It also helps save and read text messages with attachments such as images and videos.
- Search your message history for important information.

iPhone/iPad/iPod Backup Extractor

This software enables you to restore lost data from iPhone/iPad/iPod backup files on iTunes without any loss.

3 Steps: You can Browse iPhone Text Messages on Computer (Mac/windows)

3 Steps:

A. Run the program on your PC and find your phone backup.

B. Click "Start Scan" to extract the content for preview, then all of your iPhone files will be listed by category.

C. Select your text messages and touch "Recover" button, then it will be exported to your computer.

Note: iTunes has the whole backup of your iPhone data, as long as you sync your iPhone to iTunes first. That is to say, you should back up your iPhone with iTunes, then you can use this program to extract your text messages.

For Windows 7/8 User: Run the Windows Version:

Vibosoft Studio release two versions: Widows version and Mac version. You can download the trial version to have a test. This is a stand-alone software, no need to run iTunes. Learn Windows Version >>>

Preview sms

For Mac Users: Run the Mac Version:

After scanning, you will see the whole iTunes backup, then you can preview text message one by one and selectively mark the SMS. Click the "Recover" button at the bottom, your SMS messages will be exported to PC soon. By the way, this program has been fully applied to all Mac OS X, such as Mac OS X 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6 etc. Learn Mac Version >>>

preview the found sms

This program can load, read and export text messages that are either on your iPhone or ones that have been saved in an iTunes Backup already on your computer. After clicking on Text Messages for either an iPhone backup, This program will load and access your text message database. On the right column, you'll see your conversation list,it will export the messages to your local hard drive and save as Excel format, you can read or print!

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