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How to Clear iPhone Space/Memory

Apr. 15, 2015 17:27 pm / Posted by Fitch to iOS Topics
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In the world of technology, there are many useful applications of iPhone that users can make use of. These applications can be helpful for connecting people, taking photos and for entertainment. As we know, our phone and other devices have limited storages. And for most of the people, using the 16GB of their iPhone is kind of a challenge. So, we have to use the limited storage. This post will provide simple and easy steps for you to make more space on your iPhone so you can install more software or for the operating system such as iOS 8. There are several things you can do for clear iPhone memory. The first thing you should do for clearing space from your iPhone is to check and monitor your usage of the storage and other applications. If you don’t know how to manage your storage setting then follow these instructions.

1). First of all, you can go to Setting > General > App Usage > storage Manager. Here you will know that which application or game is using maximum storage. As I know, most of the people use the storage for the photos, videos, and music.
2). Now, when you know about the applications that are using maximum storage. You can delete those apps or games which are not played by you. I know that games can waste lots of time. Every application needs updating. There are some default apps which can’t be deleted from your phone. So, you need to stop their auto update options.
3). If you want to store your data and you don’t have the space then you can try to use the cloud storage. This is a very secure and helpful option. It can be accessed, whenever you want.
4). As we know apple iPhone has the Photo Stream service. This service requires almost 1 GB of storage. Because it syncs the recently used or added photos (almost 1000 photos). So always try to disable this feature.
5). We all love to use the Internet for our different uses. But caches and cookies are those things which need space to be saved in your phone. So when you have time, delete all the saved caches and cookies. This can be done easily by entering the setting > browsing data > caches and cookies > clear all. I will suggest you to do it regularly.

How to Clear iPhone Memory with Third-party Software

Vibosoft iPhone Data Cleaner(Mac) is the trustworthy software which is designed for clearing iPhone space. Now you can download the free trial version and follow the instructions below.



Steps to Clear Space on iPhone

1Connect iPhone to Computer and Run the Program

Link your iPhone to the computer with USB cable and launch the program after the installation. Then you will see the below interface and click the "Quick Clean" option to continue.

2Preview&Start to Clear iPhone Space/Memory

Now you can see different file folders are arranged on the main interface. You can enter the corresponding tab to choose the files you want to preview and clear from your iPhone. After that, click the "StartScan" option.

Now, you will see the interface as pictured below. Click the "Clean" option to clear the unwanted files from iPhone. On the pop-up window, remember to choose the "OK" option. Then just wait for the process to complete.

Write in the End:

Now you can have a try on this professional iPhone Data Cleaner(Mac) software to clean up the useless files and clear the private content.

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