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How to Clean Corrupted Media Files on iPhone?

Apr 23, 2015 18:27 pm / Posted by Fitch to iOS Topics
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Sometimes you try to delete some files from your iOS device but your efforts fail you and you don't know what to do. Your iOS applications may stop working and start showing error messages. Corrupted media files are responsible for those misfortunes. Will you allow those files to jeopardize your entertainment? I guess no. For that reason, you have to clean corrupted media files from your device. In this article, we will explain the simple steps of accomplishing this task. Before that, let's see how the corrupted files came into being.

Causes of corrupted media files:
1. If your iOS device's antivirus is outdated or is not installed, it is vulnerable to be attacked by a virus. So the viruses are responsible for data corruption. To avoid this, ensure that your antivirus is always updated. If your system crashes, the media files may be corrupted lowering the functionality of your iPhone, iPod or iPad.
2. Abrupt power failure during important updates may result to corrupted media files too. For example, if you loss power while copying video files, the video files may be corrupted and will not work properly. To avoid this scenario, ensure that you have an alternative power backup. If there are flaws in the files of the hard drive, you device will definitely have corrupted files.

If these issues are left unsolved, your device's functionality will be limited. The corrupted files therefore need to be deleted to ensure that your iOS device works correctly. The corrupted media files also eat into much of the storage space of the iOS devices. They will in the long run infect the other files in your device and all your files will be junk files.

To clear corrupted media files, you can turn to this Vibosoft iOS Data Cleaner(Mac) software. It helps you wipe out all the corrupted files on your iPhone, iPod or iPad perfectly. In this way, your iOS devices can function well again and the storage in it will be enough. Now you can download a free trial version and follow the steps below.



Steps on Clearing Corrupted Media Files on iPhone, iPod or iPad

1Connect iDevice to Computer and Run the Program

Connect your iOS device to the computer via a USB cable and then launch the software. Then a pop-up window will appear as follows. Now, click the "Quick Clean" option to continue.

2Select&Clean Files as Needed and Wanted

You will see all files are arranged on the below interface. Now, you can choose the files you want to clean up from your iPhone. After that, click the "StartScan" option to scan and display these files on the computer.

After that, click the "Clean" option to continue the process.

Now download the program on your computer and start to clean corrupted media files to make your iOS devices function quickly again.

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