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Do You Want it? 18-Karat Gold Apple Watch Charges as High as $15,000

Mar 10, 2015 11:45 am / Posted by Fitch to Apple Watch Topics
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42mm 18-Karat Yellow Gold CaseAccording to the Apple's spring launch event on March 9th, 2015, Apple Watch will go on sale in nine regions or countries of the globe from next month. In addition, this conference also introduced the new MacBook Air, which is much more thinner than the past generation. Undoubtedly, Apple Watch is definitely the most high-profile product. Instead of impressing people with Watch OS, Apple Watch spooks everyone with high price.

Look at the picture on the right, it shows one of the Edition collections - 42mm 18-karat yellow gold case with midnight blue classic buckle. That's it, which charges customers $ 15,000. Aside from this, Apple Watch will put out 34 editions for your reference: the common version includes 18 models, Sport edition includes 10 models, while the Edition version includes 6. Among these editions, the base mode costs $349. By the way, prices of different Apple Watch editions fluctuate according to the region. Let's learn more from the table below.


Compare Apple Watch Prices in Different Regions
Watch Sport
Chinese Mainland
RMB 2588/2988
RMB 4188-8288
RMB 74800-126800
HK, China
HKD 2728/3088
HKD 4288-8588
HKD 78800-129800
USD$ 349/399
USD$ 549-1099
USD$ 10000-15000
Yen 42800/48800
Yen 66800-132800
Yen 1280000-1880000
AUD$ 499/579
AUD$ 799-1629
AUD$ 14000-24000
C$ 449/519
C$ 699-1459
C$ 13000-22000
€ 399/449
€ 649-1249
€ 11000-18000
€ 399/449
€ 649-1249
€ 11000-18000

Evidently, Apple Watch has plenty of same characteristics with most luxury brands: expensive, elegant, high-end rare earth materials, etc. Will it be popular? Nobody knows. Well, the truth is ordinary working-class families can hardly afford an Apple Watch, especially the Watch Edition. Moreover, if you haven't had an iPhone, your Apple Watch can only act as a normal watch instead of a smart one. In other words, Apple Watch won't be fully functioned without an iPhone.

In recent years, Apple company has been gradually realizing the desire of establishing itself as a luxury brand. Nobody knows its future, but it is a real privilege to enjoy the best Apple products in the coming years.

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