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How to Safely & Easily Root Your Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300

Aug 25, 2015 10:30 am / Posted by Amy to Root Tips Topics
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There is no denying that Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 has been very popular among mobile users for its beautiful appearance and outstanding performance. But despite all these facts, Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 mobile users are still confronted with some problems like other Android mobile users. They can't remove those unwanted apps that are pre-installed on their mobile phones; they can't download recovery software or other handy third-party tools as they needed. The root cause is that they have to get root permission first. Since rooting is not a 100% safe process, no one is bold enough to root their mobile phones without the professional guidance. For those longing for rooting their mobile phones but looking for a safe and easy way, you have been in the right place. This page will tell you how to safely and easily root your Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300.

Maybe not all mobile users are fully aware of the benefits rooting may bring, here I would like to briefly introduce some advantages of rooting:

1. You can freely delete those unwanted pre-installed softwares to free up more space.

2. You can install other third-party softwares as you needed and wanted.

3. You can block advertisements across all applications.

4. You can improve your device speed and performance by running custom ROMs.

5. You can easily backup phone system in case of system breakdown.


After rooting your mobile phone, you can have deep-level experience of your mobile phone. Rooting enables you to be the absolute master of your mobile phone, you are free to manage any files of your mobile phone according to your needs. But what worthies your attention is that rooting is something a little risky, because one step wrong such as lack of power during the rooting process may have serious results. Your priceless mobile phone may become a worthless stone brick. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the professional guidance given as follows to root your Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300.

Step-by-step Guide on How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300

(Tips: Preparation work before rooting is essential, that is:

* Fully charge your mobile phone.

* Back up all important files in your mobile phone.

* Download the latest version of device driver.

* Find a reliable software such as SuperRoot. )

Step 1. Install the SuperRoot on the computer and run it. Then connect your mobile phone to computer via its USB cable.

Step 2. Now just click the "Root" option to start rooting process.

Step 3: Just wait for the rooting process to finish. Click the "Finish" option to end the rooting process.

Now, you have successfully rooted your mobile phone. And now you are free to do what you want, such as working the Vibosoft Dr. Mobile for Android to get back your mistakenly deleted files in a few clicks!

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