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How to Transfer Photos, Movies Between ZTE and Computer

Apr 08, 2014 09:54 am / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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What Can We Do with ZTE Phones?

How much time do you spend on mobile phone? According to survey, youths now spend more time listening to or watching media files on their cell phones or playing games than making phone calls with them. And in fact, smart phones are versatile enough to satisfy various requirements of users in communication and entertainment. Take the ZTE mobile phone as an example. As you know that Android is an open-source operating system, so that users can find enormous resources on an Android smart phone. Being one of the member of Android phone makers, ZTE has released several Android phone models in succession, such as ZTE Grand S, ZTE N909, Grand Memo N5, etc, and all of them are functional and enjoy great of popularity. With a ZTE mobile phone, you can take photos and videos, watch movies, play Angry Birds or install any interesting apps on your phone as you like.

Undoubtedly, some features of smart phone allow you to discard camera and computer to some degree. While, both camera and computer are necessary under some circumstances, and smart phone is not able to replace them entirely. Moreover, we often need to transfer files between mobile phone and computer. For example, if you like taking pictures with your ZTE mobile phone, and you are afraid of losing those beautiful photos from your phone all of a sudden, you can transfer them to your computer as a backup file. And if you want to watch movies with your ZTE cell phone offline, you can download them on your computer first and then export to your phone. Anyhow, smart phone and computer are the two basic equipments of our modern life for the moment.

Generally speaking, users always take an assistant program to download or transfer photos, movies between their smart phone and computer. Here I’d like to introduce you this Vibosoft ZTE Mobile Manager, which is the best file transfer between ZTE mobile phone and PC. By running it on your computer, you can easily backup all pictures, videos from your ZTE phone to computer with simple steps. In addition, this program can also act as a management software, which helps users add, delete or edit files of ZTE mobile phone on computer whenever you want. Apart from these, there are more features available for you, you can have a try by yourself.

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Android Mobile Manager

Android Mobile Manager enables you to backup everything on Android smart phone to the computer with simple operations. You can't miss it.

User Guide: Download/Export Photos, Movies Between ZTE and Computer

1Connect ZTE Handset to PC

Firstly, connect your ZTE mobile phone to computer via a USB cable. Then download, install and open this program on your computer. In order to operate it on your computer smoothly, you need to enable USB debugging on your phone, and you can follow the steps on the picture below to finish this process. If you have opened USB debugging, please choose " USB debugging opened" and "Next". Then this program will detect your mobile phone immediately.

Install the program

After detecting your phone, this program will automatically install USB driver on your computer. Now you need to wait for a while patiently.

2Scan and Preview ZTE Phone Data

After installing USB driver, this mobile manager will start to scan your phone data deeply. Soon you will get a menu as shown. All files and some detailed info of your device will be displayed on the main interface, and you can enter any folder to preview files as you need.

main panel

3Transfer Photos, Movies Between ZTE and PC

Now you can press "Photo" or "Video" to view all pictures and movies on your ZTE mobile phone. Then you can select your needed pictures or videos and touch the "Export" option, you will save all photos and movies on the specific location of your computer in a short time. And if you want to transfer files from computer to your ZTE mobile phone, you should click "Import". By the way, you can also delete files on computer by hitting the "Delete" button.

Write in the End:

What's more, this Vibosoft ZTE Mobile Manager can be compatible with all Android phones. That is to say, no matter you own a ZTE, Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Motorola or any mobile phone, as long as it uses Android system, this program can be always useful. Now you can download the free trail version and give it a try to share files between your mobile phone and computer.

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