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Transfer SMS Messages from MEIZU Phones to Computer/PC

Jan 16, 2014 09:57 am / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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Many mobile users noticed MEIZU mobile advantages since it has been released officially with its large screen and high resolution touch screen. Its quad core processor and 1.6GHz 2GB memory make all users excited. In a word, MEIZU users are getting more and more recently.

With USB connection, users often find that transferring files such as contacts or SMS from their mobile phone to computer is necessary, and they usually notice some different situation. It may be out of different design with the interface, furthermore, some drivers cannot be displayed properly even when device has been connected to computer successfully. Users are busy with downloading some assistant software which does not work well.

How to Backup Text Messages from MEIZU to Computer?

How to solve such problems becomes the first thing we need to face with. First of all, MEIZU users may be confused by softwares that they are using in the market. Actually, the better software we use in our mobile phone, the easier it will be to transfer messages from phone to computer. We suggest all users to choose correct software to install on your MEIZU phone. Then I recommend you to try this Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager.

As long as you open this program, you would be surprised with the connections be there on your screen successfully. Then we would like to say that is not only for MEIZU users. This Android Mobile Manager is suitable to all Android phones. And the following steps will introduce the procedure of transferring messages from MEIZU MX2/MX3 to computer. In fact, by now, most of MEIZU users are noted well to carry out the operations. This Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager can automatically read your MEIZU cell phone, so please do not be hesitated to download this program on your computer.

Android Mobile Manager

Android Mobile Manager enables you to backup everything on Android smart phone to the computer with simple operations. You can't miss it.

Steps: How to Export SMS from MEIZU MX2/MX3 to Windows 7/8 Computer

1Connect Your Device to Computer and Run the Program

To begin with, connect your MEIZU phone to computer via USB. Then open this program after downloading and installing it on your computer correctly. Soon you will get a menu as following. If you've never run this program on your computer before, you should enable USB debugging on your device first, so that the program will be able to identify your phone successfully. And you can finish this process according to the instructions shown on the picture below. After that, choose "USB debugging opened".

Install the program

2Automatically Install USB Driver on PC

After detecting your MEIZU device, this program will install USB driver on your computer immediately. And please be a little patient for this step. A few minutes later, this process will start to scan your phone data deeply.

install USB drive

3Preview & Backup Text Messages as Needed

After scanning for a while, the whole phone data will be shown on the main interface, meanwhile all files will be listed on the top of the menu, including apps, music, photo, video, contacts, etc. Now press "Contacts" and "All SMS", you will be able to preview all text message conversations with detailed info. Select your needed SMS and click "Export", then you will achieve to transfer SMS messages to computer within a few clicks.

preview text messages

Write in the End:

It would take a few seconds to complete transferring. It just seems like transferring messages from one folder to another in your computer. You barely take time to wait for it completed before off duty. For those who do business too much in routine work, it is definitely the best choice in their working place. After all, time can be a rich source of inspiration for a businessman. In order to save much time, Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager will focus on inventing more functions to shorten time for MEIZU users when backing up SMS.

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