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How to Transfer Files from PC to Android Devices?

Jun 03, 2015 14:34 am / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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Q: "I got a new Moto X a few days ago. I have downloaded some photos, apps, songs and videos on my computer so I was wondering if I can just transfer them to my new phone. This seems more efficient and costs less time. But I have no idea where to start. I've searched on the Internet and there are too many programs that I don't know which one is the best. Also, I have no intention of comparing them one by one so I came here to see if you guys can help me out on this problem. I'd be very grateful if you can help me handle this."

You know that downloading apps and movies can take a lot of time, so when you change a new phone, you wouldn't prefer to download these files to your cell phone once again if you have already downloaded a few on your computer before. Hence, the fastest way is to import the files from pc to your Android device. To fulfill this goal, you can turn to a professional transfer program to help you.

From all the same kind of software on the market, we choose this one for you - Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager. It is the most suitable program for Android users to transfer files from PC to Android or from Android to PC. The transferrable files include apps, contacts, text messages, books, files, videos, music and photos, etc. You can easily transfer them from PC to your Android phone in a few clicks. All Android smart phones such as Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nexus, HUAWEI and ZTE, etc. and Android tablets can be compatible with this program.

Main Functions of the Software:

1. You can directly add, delete, modify, edit your contacts, text message directly through computer and automatically sync them to your Android phone with this program. You can also group text messages from PC to your friends' phones.

2. You can transfer files from PC to Android or export data from your Android device to the computer including text messages, contacts, photos, books, music and videos, etc.

3. It is also the best Android app management assistant. You can install and uninstall the apps on your Android phone through computer.

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Get the free trial version here.

Android Mobile Manager

Android Mobile Manager enables you to backup everything on Android smart phone to the computer with simple operations. You can't miss it.

Steps to Import Files from Computer to Android Phone

1Link Your Device to PC and Launch the Software

Link your Android phone to the computer via a USB cable and then launch the program. If you haven't enabled USB debugging before, you need to do it first. Just follow the instructions on the interface.

Install the program

Then tick the "USB debugging opened" option and click "Next" to install USB driver on the computer. When it's done, the software will detect and scan your Android phone automatically.

2Preview the Data

After the detection is done, you will see all the files listed on the main interface including Apps, Music, Photo, Video, Book, Contacts and so on. You can preview them briefly and move to the next step.

main panel

3Transfer Files from PC to Android

Now you can transfer file from PC to Android phone according to your need. For instance, if you want to import the photos from your PC to the Android device, you can choose the "Photo" folder and tick the photos on the right panel one by one. Then you can click the "Import" button and the photos will be transferred to your Android device. The same goes with other files.

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