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Transfer Contacts & SMS from HUAWEI Ascend to Computer

Apr. 01, 2014 10:28 am / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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In 2012, HUAWEI unveiled the world's thinnest smart phone - HUAWEI Ascend P1 S at the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, whose fuselage is only 6.68mm. Although this record was broken by OPPO Finder soon, which is only 6.55mm thick, HUAWEI began to release the series of HUAWEI Ascend smart phone since then. And the HUAWEI Ascend mobile phone includes four sets: HUAWEI Ascend D, P, G and Y, which aims to attract consumers in separate classes. As you know that Android phone has gained the largest smart phone market share, thus it has become an issue how to achieve breakthrough in the fierce competition among Android mobile phone manufacturers. Now it turns out that the HUAWEI Ascend has made a great coup, and most models, like HUAWEI Ascend P6, HUAWEI Ascend D1 quad, HUAWEI Ascend G300, etc, have enjoyed great popularity around the world.

According to the user feedback, consumers are generally satisfied with HUAWEI Ascend mobile phone, while there is still a problem when playing with their phone, and it may bother all mobile phone users, that is losing files from smart phone. Generally speaking, various incidents may lead to the data loss of your HUAWEI Ascend phone, such as delete them mistakenly, get your device broken or stolen, reset your phone back to the factory default settings, and so on. Under these circumstances, many mobile phone users have took measures to keep a backup of those important phone data on computer. However, if you have connected your mobile phone to PC via USB, you should know that contacts and text messages are invisible on computer, that's because contacts and messages are usually saved on the internal phone memory or the SIM card. If you want to export contacts and SMS to computer, you have to turn to an assistant program.

Here I'd like to recommend you this Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager, which gives you access to the whole data of your HUAWEI Ascend phone. With it, both media files and contacts can be easily transferred to computer without losing any detail. If you are afraid of losing files from your HUAWEI Ascend cell phone all of a sudden, this program must be the best assistant. Now you can get the free trial version here, and give it a try by yourself.

Android Mobile Manager

Android Mobile Manager enables you to backup everything on Android smart phone to the computer with simple operations. You can't miss it.

How to Copy Contacts, SMS Messages from HUAWEI Ascend to Computer/PC

1Install and Launch the Program, Link HUAWEI Phone to PC

At first, download and install this assistant on your computer. Then, double click to open it. After connecting your HUAWEI Ascend mobile phone to computer via a USB cable, you will get a menu as shown, which is to remind you to open USB debugging on your phone, so that your phone will be detected successfully.

Install the program

As soon as it recognizes your HUAWEI device, this program will automatically install USB driver on your computer. And this process will last for several minutes, please be a little patient. After that, it will start to scan your phone data.

install USB drive

2Preview, Backup Contacts & SMS to Computer

After scanning, the whole files of your HUAWEI Ascend phone will be displayed on the panel, including Apps, Music, Photo, Video, Contacts, etc. Now you can enter the "Contacts" folder to view contacts and messages as you need. Then you can press "All contacts" to preview contacts, or touch "All SMS", "Inbox", "Outbox" to read text message conversations with details. In this step, you are able to select and mark any file at will, then click the "Export" button, you will achieve to export contacts or SMS to computer within clicks after setting the output location on your local computer.

Write in the End:

As a matter of fact, this Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager is not only effective but also functional. By running it, you are allowed to view all phone data on computer. Then you can freely add, delete and edit any file as you like. So that you can see that this program is a both backup assistant and file manager. In addition, if you find some interesting apps when surfing the Internet on the computer, you can directly download and install them on your HUAWEI Ascend phone via this software. What's more, it can also work as a SMS assistant. With it, you can send text messages to any phone number on PC or text to multiple people at one time, that's quite convenient. Apart from these, I suggest you to find more features of this program by yourself.

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