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How to Transfer Contacts from MEIZU Phone to Computer/PC

Mar. 26, 2014 09:43 am / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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In recent years, MEIZU has released several competitive smart phone models in succession, including MEIZU M8, M9, MX, MX2 and MX3. According to user reviews, MEIZU mobile phone has enjoyed wide popularity around the world because of its stylish design and relatively low price. And MEIZU has always focused on improving the performance of smart phones and providing users with better user experience. Now with a MEIZU device, we can play games, surf the Internet, download various interesting apps, shoot videos, and so on. Of course, making phone calls and sending text messages are the two basic functions of MEIZU smart phone, like the other mobile phones. Meanwhile, contacts are generally deemed to the most significant data on a cell phone. Have you ever lost contacts from your MEIZU device?

Why Do We Need MEIZU Contacts Transfer?

In the light of the online comments that many phone users have suffered from losing contacts from their smart phone, here I suggest all of you to keep a backup file of precious contacts on computer. Then you may say that contacts are forbidden to be copied to PC directly. That's the truth, so I'd like to recommend you this Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager, which can break the restriction of viewing your contacts on computer and enable you to transfer contacts from MEIZU phone to PC at will.

While, many mobile phone users haven't been aware of the importance of backing up contacts to computer. Firstly, you may get contacts lost for a variety of reasons, such as touch the wrong buttons on your MEIZU phone and delete them by mistake, break your device accidentally, format your smart phone and reset it back to the factory default settings, and so on. After losing contacts from MEIZU mobile phone, you have to take measures to recover them. But if you lose your phone or get it crashed, it may be impossible to restore them without a backup. Then it will be a huge blow to your career or relationship with friends. Now with this Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager, you are able to completely save all contacts to PC with every detail, thus you won't be afraid of mistakenly deleting MEIZU contacts all of a sudden.

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How to Export Contacts from MEIZU M8/M9/MX/MX2/MX3 to Computer/PC

1Operate the Program after Installation

After downloading and installing this MEIZU Contacts Transfer program on your computer, please open it with double click. If it is the first time you run it on PC, you should open the USB debugging on your phone, otherwise this program may fail to detect your MEIZU device. If you have launched it before, you can skip this process.

Install the program

As soon as it identifies your MEIZU mobile phone, this assistant will install USB driver on your computer, please wait for a few minutes.

install USB drive

2Deeply Scan MEIZU Phone Data

After installing the right USB driver on PC, this program will start to scan your MEIZU mobile phone data thoroughly. Soon you will see that all files are listed on the panel, including My Android, Apps, Music, Photo, Video, Contacts, etc. And touch the "My Android" icon, you can get some detailed info of your Android device, such as model, system version, power, storage capacity, and so on.

main interface

3Selectively Copy MEIZU Contacts to PC

Now you can freely preview any file as you like. Enter the "Contacts" folder and click "All contacts", the whole contacts will be arranged with full name and phone number. Select some contacts that you want to transfer to computer, touch the "Export" button after marking them one by one. Then it will pop up a window, you can set the output location there. After that, you can save MEIZU contacts on computer in a short time. In addition, you can select all contacts as well. No matter how many contacts you want to backup, this program can help you save them to PC in a batch.

preview contacts

Write in the End:

The above introduction is a simple guide to backing up contacts from MEIZU mobile phone to computer by working this Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager. If you want to know more about this powerful program, you'd better try it by yourself. By the way, as it is compatible with all Android smart phones, like MEIZU M8/M9/MX/MX2/MX3, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, etc, you needn't worry about that this program couldn't be operated well on your computer.

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