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Want to Freely Share Files between Android Phones and Mac?

Dec 03, 2015 09:50 am / Posted by Amy to Android Phone Topics
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With the development of technologies, nowadays Android mobile phones have been equipped with more and more advanced functions. Aside from chatting with friends and families through calls or messages, Android mobile phones also allow people to freely watch movies, take photos, shoot videos or surf on the internet. Moreover, people can save these files on their Android phones so they can enjoy these beautiful memories whenever they want. In order to protect their Android files from being lost, most Android users have formed the habit of transferring files from Android to PC as a backup in case of sudden data losses. But here comes the question: Can Mac users also backup their Android phone to computer?

The answer is absolutely "YES"! In order to successfully transfer any files from Android phone to Mac, a professional third-party file transfer software like Vibosoft Android to Mac File Transfer is all you needed to backup your Android to Mac. Well, apart from relying on a handy software, you can also connect your Android phone to Mac and then directly transfer files from your Android to Mac. But the frequently-met cases are that your Android phone may fail to connect Mac or endless time may be spent on waiting for the process to be finished in terms of a large amount of files. Now, let's learn more about this software:

This Vibosoft Android to Mac File Transfer is a professional software, aiming at freely transferring files between Android and Mac. With this software, all files like contacts, messages stored in the internal memory or media files saved on the SD card can be easily shared between Android phones and Mac. Moreover, this software always provides an efficient way in syncing Android files to Mac. No precious time will be wasted in waiting. This software also offers an easy-to-understand user interface. No professional skills are required in file transfer! As to the safety, you can be 100% guaranteed. More importantly, as long as you are using Android phones, you can always use this software as your best backup software to Mac.

(Tips Here: For Windows users, you can Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager to transfer files from Android phones to PC as a backup.)

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Android Mobile Manager

Android Mobile Manager enables you to backup everything on Android smart phone to the computer with simple operations. You can't miss it.

User Guide on Transferring Files from Android Phones to Mac

1Connect Android Phone to Mac

To start with, install the software on your Mac computer and then open it with double clicks. After that, you may see the below interface. You need to connect your Android phone to the Mac computer. Then choose "Connect via USB" option to continue.

If your Android phone has been successfully connected to the Mac computer, you can now directly skip to the next step. But if you see the below interface, then you will need to follow the steps to enable USB debugging on your Android phone.

2Preview & Select Files as Wanted

After that, click the option of "Next" to continue. This software will automatically detect your Android phone and display the interface as pictured below. Now, you will see all file folders are arranged on the left panel. You can enter the corresponding folder to preview and select files you want to transfer from Android to Mac.

3Synn Files from Android to Mac

In this step, you just need to click "Export" to transfer the wanted files by ticking them out from Android phone to Mac. After that, just wait for the process to complete. Several seconds is quite enough.

Now, you have successfully copied files from Android phone to Mac. It's quite easy, right? Now, don't hesitate anymore. Just choose the right version of this software and backup your Android files!

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